Saying Good-bye to Abby

I have a good friend I met on a trip to the Bahamas. We were 2 of 14 people who experienced a wonderful 5 days swimming with wild dolphins. I will write more about it since it was such an amazing time.

There was another friend on the trip who is in the process of saying good-bye to her 14 year old dog today. I was asked this morning to talk with the dog and see her feelings on staying with her humans vs being helped to spirit. Abby chose to stay close for now and enjoy her last hours with her humans of 14 years.

Animals know where they’re going. They’ve been blessed with the memory and totally lack the fear of leaving this plane. It’s humans who have to wrestle with timing. Did we say goodbye too soon? Did we wait too long? It’s helpful to use someone like me in these moments. Not that I’m pushing myself, it’s that I’ve seen the relief it can bring.

Abby is not the first animal I’ve spoken with who is in the process of leaving their body behind. And never have I spoken to one who is panicked, afraid, in a hurry, or clinging to their humans. For the most part they wait for us to decide how we’d like it to play out. This is not to say I’ve seen animals who are being made to wait. Animals who are in a quiet, vision-less world who would prefer to shed their bodies and move to a lighter, spirit space. Animals who’s finest days are long behind them.

This is what I mainly do for people. I speak to older or sick animals and broker an agreement with their human for them. It’s rarely hard for anyone – but the human having to say good-bye. Because if you haven’t experienced it from what an animal can tell and share with you, then you really are in the dark and don’t understand the process.

Do I get sad? Of course I get sad.  I am sad for the human and if I know the animal, I know I’ll miss them too. But I also know where they’re going and how they’ll be free of their bodies.

So today as I create my new blog, I’d like to say to Abby that the joy she brought to all she knew will be rewarded. Soon she’ll be in a timeless place these last sad days and hours will be behind her. Soon she’ll be home.


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