“I just think ’em”

I went to the beach yesterday with one of my best friends: Zeke. I talk about him a lot. He’s 4 legged and a black/red brindled whatever. His dad was a lab and his mom was well, she was black and gray.  Zeke doesn’t live with me, but I’ve been around him since he was a pup. I try to take him to the beach at least once a week, but it’s more like once a month. He’s sweet, brave, fearless, and very funny.

Try and explain a blog to a dog. I mean it’s hard enough with most non-computer people.   I’ve tried to get many people who want to talk web sites into starting a blog. They’re so much easier. I built my own website and I’m proud of it. But it’s a bitch to update. You have to place things “just so” and then make sure that what you are previewing is what will end up online.  My first website I ran from screen to screen around town here to see if the colors were like they were on my computer. ACK! Starting a blog has been work, but so much easier.

So I took Zeke to the beach after getting things where I wanted them here. He and I have long chats about well, most anything. I think most people talk to their dogs. The difference is, I can hear mine talk back. So it’s an actual conversation. I tried to explain to Zeke what I’ve been working on, but he didn’t really care much. He was more interested in seeing who had peed where last and how he could show dominance. Dogs.

Anyway. I want to try and come up with a good title here. This isn’t the first title, it might be the 4th or 5th. I explained to Zeke that I was sort of keeping track of my thoughts. I couldn’t really think of a way to explain it to him so that he’d understand. So the best I could do was: it’s a place where I’ll keep my thoughts and stories about you and my other animal friends. And so I asked Zeke “what do you do with your thoughts?” And he replied “I just think ’em”. Well now. Isn’t that simple.

This is one of my favorite things about the animal world. They are simple and neat. What’s here one moment, is gone the next. For the really do live in the moment. As humans we struggle and strive with all kinds of helpful learning tools to do the same thing. But in the end we aren’t dogs and so it makes it hard. We have to find places like this to store our thoughts instead of “just thinking them.”

I just love Zeke. Not one to mince words.


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