Problems in the hood

We have quite the cat population here in my hood. When Bart was living he had the whole neighborhood terrified of him. Now that he’s gone, his student “Cash” seems to be running things. It would make for a cute story if it didn’t involve large vet bills and upset humans.

Bart used to bully everyone. He bullied our neighbor cats until he was 19! Then he kind of mellowed and became friends with one kitty. This kitty looked identical to him and I never knew if Bart thought it he was a potential student, or if the kitty was just a nice guy. I think it was the latter because during Bart’s last summer, I followed him around since at 19 he wasn’t able to defend himself and I frequently found him sunning with this neighbor cat.

Now that Bart’s in spirit, I know he’s been teaching this other young cat just how he used to work things in the hood. The bully is causing quite the uproar right now and I am trying to mediate the old fashioned way – by talking with all involved.  I mean, there are neighbors who want this bully gone.

The funny thing is “the bully” is smaller than all the other kitties, but meaner for sure. Love and attention are the things that will keep a cat home. But this is a young guy who is the dad of the bully and I don’t know if he can switch from being a dog person to being a cat person. He loves this cat  –  no doubt. But he doesn’t know that cats rule and they need a lot of love or they’ll go elsewhere.

My neighbors are blaming this on late neutering of the kitty. But I believe it’s lack of love and attention.

This subject will probably come up again and if anyone happens by here with suggestions, I’d gladly take them.


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