Wind Tunnel

windymax1We tried an experiment on the beach today. How long CAN a small dog stay seated in gale force winds? The answer is: until the cookie is dispatched. Then he’s on his way again.

This morning when getting ready for our weekend walk on the beach, it was sunny and clear at my house. But just 2 miles south it was a different story. Of course. The wind was blowing. Of course. But to make it even more fun, we had hail and lots and lots of rain. By the time we got home my ears hurt from the wind (even with my hood up) and my undies were soaked through my jeans, sweatshirt, long sleeve shirt, etc.

Max here had a great time. He isn’t a little coat wearing dog. No siree. He can withstand just about anything. His two brothers who are much larger were off exploring when the first of the cookies were handed out. Max ain’t no dummy. He stuck around and waited for his treat.

And now of course that I’m home, dry, and getting on with the day – it’s sunny and not nearly as windy. Such is life at the coast. If you don’t like the weather? Wait 15 minutes. And sadly, that really is true. Of course so is the flip side. If you have your sunglasses and shorts  on and are ready for the beach – take a rain jacket with you. Just in case.


One thought on “Wind Tunnel

  1. What is this remark about little “coat-wearing” dogs??? I think Finley resembles that remark! heh He got a walk today with Fred, and a collie, and a golden retriever.

    Max is a very cute boy.


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