So sweet on the outside

Now these are sweet looking kitties.  It would be difficult to not let out an “awwwww”.  Well sometimes, as with humans, you don’t always get what you think you are getting.

This is (from left to right) Breeze and Eddy. Breeze showed up near my store with her then 6 week old kitten. They were adorable, but Breeze was an un-trusting mama.   She had been dumped with her whole litter I would later find out from her. She lost all but Ed here, due to predators. Poor thing couldn’t save them all and now at age 12, it still leaves a scar.

I was told right away that Eddy was a boy. The guy who told me just KNEW it, so I named HER Eddy. Yes, she is a very large girl. They lived in our store until Bart went to spirit in late 2007. Then they were allowed to live here. Bart wouldn’t have let them and this house is just too small for us to even try. So shortly after his departure, in an attempt to heal my own pain, I brought them home. It’s been interesting. These two had been “greeters” to hundreds of humans in the summer, and left alone in a cold store essentially in the winter. For over 10 years, I trekked to my store, everyday, twice a day for a visit, litter box change and of course to feed them. My heart would sink as they grew older.  Who knew Bart would live to be 19?

They are really nocturnal. They sleep all day and play all night. The game dejour is “who gets to sleep with mom?” It’s a matter of positioning really.  Eddy likes to sleep on my chest. After living in a store for her entire life, she had no idea what a bed was. And, even though she’s big in stature and sweet in nature, she is terrified of most everything but food and mom. Both of us. So after months and months, she finally got the nerve to – walk the quilts and realized she wouldn’t sink into oblivian. Before that, getting to mom in the bed was a matter of hopping up on one corner of the bed and walking the pillows. Much safer.

Now Breeze had a dangerous bed – 4 feet off the ground – in our spare room.  Yes, most cats would be fine with that height but Breeze has “spondalosis” which effects her spine. One slip and a broken hip, and we loose our sweet Breeze. She is brave and well, persistent. She will not take no for an answer. I say this because recently we took out the big bed and she now sleeps in our room. In what we lovingly refer to as “the little bed”. It’s designed, just for her. But she’d rather sleep with mom. Only Eddy is angry about this.

Then there’s me who rarely gets sleep anymore. After they battle to sleep on my chest, they become instant friends again and start moving the toys around. Breeze wants to protect one toy from anything she may see outside. This was sad at first since I realized she was reacting to the loss of her babies. But this screeching in the middle of the night is quite annoying and we now just toss her out of the bedroom.

I have tried throwing them outdoors on a beautiful morning, but they want back in right away. They are such “girls”.  I’ve lectured on keeping us up at night, but the only thing that gets their attention is when I shut the bedroom door.

And I hate it when I hear the pitiful meow of my sweet girl Eddy – who has been my girl since she was 6 weeks old. Thus starts the cyle again.

We love our animals. They are in our lives, after all, for a reason. I cherish and enjoy every day with them even if I am sleepless in Oregon. Because without my animals, well I just wouldn’t be me.


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