Girlfriends for “Bo-Bama”

Meet Molly, Chelsea, and Ellie. These are three of my dearest friends and before yesterday, few had heard of their breed.  Now thanks to Bo the First Dog, we have all heard of Portuguese Water Dogs. They’re my neighbors and three of the funniest dogs I know.

When they first moved to our little town, Ellie, (also known as “the brown one”) was the first to recognize me. As I drove past her she said to me  ” I know you, you live on our street”. Or something to that effect. More direct and more in “dog” wording.

Molly (on the left) is the Queen. Most refer to this as “alpha” but she knows she’s the Queen and she loves her title. She is the leader of this pack and likes to ride in my car.  As opposed the car her humans drive, she can see out and is very polite and sweet when we go for a drive. If I need to run into a place that won’t allow dogs, she quietly sleeps on the seat and then pops up when the car begins moving again.

Little Chelsea (the one in the middle)  and I have a great friendship. She speaks in a slow and deliberate voice. She has become more animated as she’s grown up and loves cats. I feel badly for her because she would really enjoy playing with one of my cats. Sadly the feeling isn’t mutual.

The truth is Portuguese Water Dogs are simply delightful and the Obama girls are going to have a great time with their sweet pup Bo. I’m sure the girls here would show him the ropes of living life on land.  There are walks to enjoy, places to explore, treats from the neighbors, (all three have escaped and lined up on our lawn for a goody) and quite simply life to be enjoyed.

I too am a huge proponent of shelter dogs. I have friends that met their humans for the first time in a shelter. But this breed hasn’t been over-bred. They are sweet dogs, very cute, and a lot of fun. All dogs need good homes and all dogs are here for us. It will be fun to watch which one of the Obama’s Bo is here for. Because all animals have a destination human. They land in our lives for a reason. And it’s up to us to recognize what that is.

Hopefully Bo will shed some light on dogs in general. Hopefully not everyone will have to keep up with the Jones’ and get a Portuguese Water Dog. Hopefully those who have really wanted a dog and can care for it properly will find their new friend wherever he’s waiting for them. Whether it’s a breeder or a shelter.  Hopefully our shelters will see some action as the first puppy takes over the White House. And, no doubt, he will.


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