My good friend Thaddeus

This is Thaddeus.  He’s been hanging around our house for over 8 years.   At first he was this “crazy crow” that followed my husband and our cat on their daily walk. But as I got into animal communication, I realized that this wonderful (and very large) bird was actually a close friend of our cat Bart.  Thaddeus used to sit out on our tree limb and screech at Bart.  And Bart would screech right back. It sounded like they were arguing, but in fact, this is how they visited.  Sometime if you hear your cat chattering away at a bird, it can be conversation and not a prelude to an attack.

Thaddeus has hung around here every spring-summer-and fall, and goes elsewhere in the winter. He has a mate who my husband named “Nancy” after his mother, and they have a child. We named him “TJ” which stands for “Thaddeus Junior”.

Bart, my cat who is now in spirit and one of my closest friends, told me the crow’s name was Thaddeus. He encouraged me to find the meaning of the name and it means  “Gift from God” in Hebrew. How would a cat know the meaning of a name? I’m not sure. But then Bart told me many things I couldn’t make sense of – right away.  Animals will talk with you, send you messages in pictures, or send you feelings in your body and emotions.  If they know you understand them, they’ll pass on many hints of life from their perspective.

One day I went to get something I’d left out in my car. Thaddeus was sitting on his tree branch quietly waiting for Bart or waiting for me to feed him – which ever happened first. As I approached my car I found a beautiful long black feather. It was so perfectly placed, you would have sworn that the one who placed it there had hands. I still don’t know how he did it. But I was blown away. It was stunning.

I looked up in the tree and thanked him many times. I still have it and it’s still in pretty good condition. What a wonderful gift. I think it was in thanks for acknowledging him and for throwing him a little bread now and then. Well, OK. Throwing him bread every night. He has a certain way he likes it. Just a little so he can carry it in one trip, and not with a lot of fanfare so the other crows don’t get in on his action.

I will write more about Bart later. He’s been in spirit now for about a year and a half. There are little things that still remind me of him, and his dear friend Thaddeus, who is sitting in the tree as I write this, is one of them.


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