The storm will pass

   This week I watched as some new friends made the transition to spirit.  And when I say friends, I mean of course,  animals.  I learned something with each of their crossings.  I am reminded of my own loss too. It’s simply unbearably hard to lose an animal friend. At first. And then the storm will lift. This photo is Chubbs the kitty, I’ll talk about him in a moment.

   I met a really wonderful dog named Gladous.  Her name is like  “joyous” only “Gladous” – as in happy and free. Gladous got into something tough on her digestive system. It wasn’t evil.  She was being a dog. She was having fun with her sisters and even now I can see her glee at her find. Gladous taught me many things this week. She is one I’ll never forget.

  The first few days, her mom, (who is my close friend) and I thought that this would quickly pass. Gladous simply needed some time, a good poop and all would be well. But sadly it didn’t work out that way. The vet did everything she could. Her mom did all she could too. Used every trick in her bottomless bag. But when the body is done, there’s nothing we humans can do. 

  In just a few short days, this sweet sweet soul tried the best she could but couldn’t defeat the storm that raged inside her. What was truly going on we may never know. But the suddeness and the helplessness that I felt from this event, made me want to shout and remind everyone to hug and love their animals every day. For who they are and for what they bring to us: joy.   Sometimes we humans try and make it more complicated than it is. But this message is really quite simple.  

   Gladous showed me a raging storm, shortly before she crossed over. Thunder, lighning. The works. I worked on the “meaning” of this image over and over.  But as it turned out, there literally was a storm raging her body as she flew to her spirit self.  No huge complicated message. She truly had a storm raging inside of her that was winning. And so she did what we all eventually do. She left her body.

   The photo here is of another little friend who went to spirit this week. His name is Chubbs. There’s something about this little guy that really touched my heart. But his little body gave out as well, leaving a temporary hole in the hearts of his mom and dad.  He was at peace as he left to be with the spirit friends awaiting his arrival.

  I know that for some what I’ve written here is hard to believe and understand. Did I make it up? No. I’ve seen many cross to the other side and know what I see and feel from these animals is real.  Their humans have validated this for me. And if there’s anything I can say to the humans who are sad and left behind it would be this: trust what you believe, and have faith that you’re right. Because when we suffer a loss we’re tempted to throw away what we’ve worked so hard to understand in our hearts.  We’re tempted to run, hide under the covers and, wait for the storm to pass.  And it will. It always does.

  This storm will pass and we’ll be left with the wonderful memories and joy that these animals brought to our lives.  If there’s a message it’s that we must not dwell on the ending, but celebrate all the days and years we had these little spirits (in dog and cat forms) in our lives.  Because if we leave our hearts open, we’ll receive another little animal spirit into our lives that will help to fill the void.  It’s not a replacement because they can’t be replaced.  Animals are simply the joy that we all need in our lives.


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