This one is trouble!

I have spoken of her before. My cat Breeze. She was dumped with her babies along the highway near our shop 12 years ago. I took her and the remaining kitten in. Look at this face. She’s so pretty! But she has a temper. Actually after Bart, she has had the worst temper of any of my cats. What is up with that?

I ask only a few simple rules (she’s knows I’m doing something involving her because she has just NOW jumped off the coach and began to demand attention) let’s see, oh yes the rules.

  • Please don’t poop in the music room when you’re upset
  • Please don’t drink out of the fish bowls – with the fish in them
  • Please don’t look so defiant all the time

Ok that last one is tough. She has a condition called “Spondaloysis”. This is quietly common in dogs and also humans who may never notice it. They can go their whole lives, pain free. But in cats, it’s different because of the way their bodies move.  I try and be sympathetic to her and treat her well. But she pushes my buttons. I know. I can understand animals and yet this small cat can rile me like few others.  Well, maybe my mother.

When she manages to get on my desk and drink out of the fish bowls, it gets me going in the worst way. First of all my poor fish must be cowering in fear from this giant fur head looming over them. Then the lapping of the tongue. Must be deafening for the poor guys!

Then there’s the issue of my “former” desk. It used to have a computer and two small aquariums. Now add to that two stacks of books, a small rope that is about 3 inches off the top and you have a complete mess. Not an organized desk.

We even had to move her “princess bed” back several feet because she was making a daredevil attempt to reach the desk from her bed.And with her condition if she falls she could break her hip. And we all know what that means. I don’t even want to think about it. A kitty in a small walker.

She’s very friendly and trods all over (shedding) anyone who comes to our home. This is sort of deceiving as the guest has no “grasp” of the little monster sweet kitty she is. And one would think that I could somehow as an animal communicator, come to an understanding with her. But things never work that way. I have just as many “issues” with my animals as the next person. Actually the “next person” probably has an easier time than I do. Wonder if the Next Person would like to trade?

All this whining aside – I love her very much and would be lost without her in my life. I never had children but Breeze has shown me what a good mother is. A good mother loves her child and cares for her no matter what. Perhaps this is something only instinctual in animals – because we know humans don’t always do it – but she loves her child and protects her even now. Twelve years after she came into Breeze’s world.

I guess everyone has their faults and things that tick them off. And Breeze is no different.

I just wish she wouldn’t take it out on the poor fish.


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