The cool truth about overly bred dogs

I have had the hardest week. I have a new client who bought a Yorkie (like this one) from a “breeder”. The “breeder” told her that this was a second litter dog between the mom and dad Yorke’s. She just had the two dogs. Yeah. right.

This little client of mine has suffered his entire life. Which is just a year. He has an “undetermined infection” which has caused his tummy great discomfort. He has had more tests done (that have shown nothing) than most dogs have in a lifetime. He has two human boys who love him and are scared to death he’s going to die.

Cool huh? They got a Yorkie!

The reason they chose going with a “breeder” and not a shelter dog is that one of the boys is allergic to pet dander. Yorkie’s don’t have this issue since they have hair and not fur. So the excited children brought home their puppy and their question to me was “Does he like us? He never wants to play.”

Wow. A dog, no a puppy that doesn’t want to play! Imagine. Well this little guy told me that he loves his human brothers but that his tummy hurts him. All the time. So he acts like an old dog. He lies around most of the day and feels like crap.

The “breeder” called my client 6 months later to see if she wanted another puppy. My client (who is not originally from this country but is by no means stupid) said she understood it was too soon for there to be more puppies. And the “breeder” said there had been an accident.

Yeah right.

My client here “Han” as he is called, is living a life of misery. And his “breeders” brought more puppies into the world much sooner than they were supposed to. They thought that Han”s mom would jump at the chance to have another puppy.

Yeah right.

The truth is that every day thousands of dogs are put to death in shelters around this country. Thousands of innocent sweet faces gone. Many potential best friends sent to spirit. The dog doesn’t really care. They’ll come back in a more attractive “package” so that some human will fall in love and learn the lessons that this dog has to offer.

And Han here? Well he’s been introduced to a holistic vet. And just in the nick of time. I think his life will improve and he’ll become the puppy his human kids wanted in the first place. But if his mom wasn’t determined, smart, an even fighting a language issue – Hans here would be gone too. She is very brave and very strong. The mom of my client.

So if you MUST adopt a bred dog. Be real sure what you’re getting. And if you have a choice, check out your local shelter first. There will be someone there to fall in love with. Remember to spay and neuter your own animals. That’s a start.


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