They’re Puppies! They get into things!

This is Nicholas.  He isn’t my client, but he looks a bit like him and is approximately the same age. Nick’s parents called me in a panic over the Memorial Day weekend. Their beautiful puppy had eaten  – magnets. Now my clients are the best of dog “parents”. I hate the term “owners” and they don’t much care for “parents.”  But Nick here isn’t “owned” by anyone. Nope. He’s a spirit unto himself with a mission and choices. As all animals have.

We may view our animal friends as property since we buy them food, take them to the vet, and consider they basically “dumb”. And I mean that in the kindest way. Because truth be told they are here for us and are here to teach us something, or simply be a constant companion.  I think the latter can be said for anyone who has had or loved a dog. They are simply one-of-a-kind and I wish at times other humans could hear the hilarious bits that I hear.

But I digress. The humans of your Nick here were out of town.  They had a sitter for him, but somehow (and I would think it wouldn’t take long) he got into some powerful magnets. He swallowed them. He told me later he liked the texture on his tongue and down they went! But then, something went really wrong.

When the humans of this dog returned, they noticed he was visibly ill. I’ve always credited these humans with being on top of it with their dogs and they rushed him to one of the finest vet hospitals over 40 miles away from their home. They vets performed surgery then and there and found three magnets in his tummy – and one in his colon that had found their way to each other.  This ripped through Nick’s stomach and colon. While they waited, Nick’s humans asked me to speak with Nick and get an idea of his thoughts on the situation.

He told me he had not been here long enough to teach. So he wanted to fight. He told me “the body is storng” which indicated to me that he was going to pull through.

He was supposed to be in ICU for puppies for three days. But on Day Two he was eating! He is home now and doing very well.

But the moral of the story remains: keep things that might be shiny and edible away from your puppy!! And if you think puppy is acting strange? Get him to the vet.

If these humans had not acted as quickly as they did, young Nick here would be in spirit.

* Note: Due to the stealing of my personal photos, again this isn’t the dog I am writing about, and this isn’t his real name.  Thank you to the person who posted this photo so that I could “borrow” it.


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