Update on the Story of “Han”

Do you remember Han? He is the year old puppy who has seen the inside of a vet’s office more often than he’s marked a tree. Why? Because he is sick. He was born with a severe disadvantage. I could speculate, but I don’t know for sure. Maybe the fact he came from a puppy mill had something a lot to do with it.

I don’t know how puppy mills work for sure. I do know that they over-breed the “cute ones” and finally end up with litters of puppies that aren’t healthy. That dang in-breeding. You know, you may have met someone sometime that you suspect could be the product of “in-breeding”. Well imagine you’re really adorable at birth – but have serious defects internally from making sure you’re really cute.

Anyway – little Han here almost died. First he had the journey with the well-meaning but totally inept veterinarian, who just about killed him. The vet was convinced that the puppy had cancer and his last attempt at a biopsy, nicked the Hans’ kidneys – sending him straight the the animal ER. Nice.

I suggested to my client and to ANYONE who is seeing a revolving door with their vet, to seek out the opinion of a holistic vet. I didn’t believe that Han had much time left. Seriously. Vet #1 was on the verge of killing Han with “kindness” and then blaming it on “cancer”.

So Mom of Han visited the holistic vet and as we sit here – some two weeks later – Han is not only doing well, he’s going to most likely lead a normal life. His problems were properly indentified, they had nothing to do with cancer and he looks great. The puppy with the puffy eyes is now clear eyed and well, smiling for lack of a better word.

This family has been through hell with the poor puppy. And why? Because somewhere out there in our state where it’s still legal, a “breeder” over-bred their dogs out of greed. Greed for the breed.

Make sure what you’re getting. Because you might not get the healthiest “pure-bred” out there , and you might end up caring for a very sick pup.

Or do what Hans’ brother’s humans did – return him. Wonder where he is now?



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