Dog days of Summer

I live in a tourist town where we don’t have the slow long days of endless sun. Well we do, but that’s not how we experience it. Instead we own a business that requires my presence, that I be “on top of it”, constantly and above all: make sure our employees are not running rough shod over us. Such is the life in a tourist town. We have only so much time to make our money for the year and then that’s all folks! This year I had everything in place. The really good staff, the really good product, a fresh clean shop and yet, we aren’t bringing home the bacon as planned. I guess our country’s financial woes aren’t over yet. And this is an upscale town with upscale visitors. La-ti-da!

But as usual, I digress. Not really when I have two businesses that I am responsible for. I want to talk today about orange kitties.  They are very special and if you have one, you may have noticed this yourself.  Not only are they unusual to come across, but there’s just something about them. One of my mentors says they are of a special spiritual group. The “OCC” is what she dubbed them. The Orange Cat Contingency.  These cats do have an exceptional spiritual quality about them and every one I have come across has either left without warning or signs of illness. And when I say “left” I mean gone to spirit.  I am fascinated with this cats as they have messages that are truly amazing. Recently I had a client who has 4 of them. Each has a special message and reason for being here.

However to those who just have a kitty who happens to be this color and they feel they are simply special because they belong to them, well that’s true too. I have come across many things in my quest for knowledge for spiritual “signs” in nature, as well as unique animals. And red kitties are truly unique.  They come to us with a lesson or a message. An interesting group for sure.

I guess I should have named this the “cat days of summer” because I have been working mostly with cats this past few months. But I will leave it. I’ve also enjoyed the dawn beach walks with my three dog boys who love their run and romp so much. Those days I always treasure.

Enjoy your summer and please spend money!


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