Saying Good-bye

I have chosen to work with animals who are readying for spirit, those who have transitioned to spirit, and some who want to return to their humans. I find it very rewarding to work with humans and their animals as they move into this phase. This is a time when an animal communicator can be very helpful. No one wants to see their animal suffer. No one wants their animal to be in pain. And no one wants to make the decision to send their animal to spirit.  Anyone who has been in this position knows what I’m talking about. It’s a sad and often lonely time to make this choice.  But as good human friends to our animals, we find the strength and make this decision everyday. The time directly following these farewells is as sacred to us as if we are sending off a close relative. Sometimes (let’s face it) it’s harder.

Working with an animal communicator before or right after an animal friend has made the transition, can reassure us that we’ve made the right choice.  In fact in most cases the animal is grateful. They miss being in physical form with us, but if they’ve lived a long life and have the aches and pains of an elderly animal – then they are free of that body and free of those pains. If they are young and in an accident of some kind, many times this isn’t an “accident” but an attempt to free themselves from a body that isn’t going to last. But that part of the story is for another day.

My friend Jasmine passed into spirit this last week. I found this lovely drawing  by Susan Donley that resembles Jasmine.  She had a long and good life and took great care of my aunt and uncle. My aunt phoned me as she sat with Jasmine waiting for their final goodbye. Jasmine and I have talked many times and she had a message for my aunt which was simple and comforting. She didn’t want my aunt to feel badly about her choice. She wanted her to know that she loved them, and she would see them again. I felt the excitement I have felt before with animals who are about to make the transition. They worry more about their humans than they do about their upcoming “adventure”.

There is no time line for grieving. When we lose a human who has been close to us in life, the message is that we give ourselves a lot of time to grieve.  Well the same should be true for animals. I say “should” because there are humans who don’t understand what it is to have an animal friend and have a hard time understanding the grieving process we go through for an animal.  But a loss is a loss. The same rules apply.

But there is an aspect of transition we don’t celebrate. And I did use the word celebrate. Consider (and this may not feel true for everyone, but I encourage you to think about it) that when we make the choice to send our animal friend to spirit, we are setting them free from a body that no longer serves them well. It’s not an easy choice to make and I’m not advocating sending off animals who have a limp, a slower gait, or some aches and pains. But when their bodies are done, their dignity gone, then we might think of doing the most loving thing we can for our animals. We can set them free.


One thought on “Saying Good-bye

  1. Thank you for the wonderrul words. It is a comfort to know that she understood. That was the hardest. Yes we miss her – mewing to come in or go out or eat. Just her presence was reassuring. I think I saw her in my dream. Just her face. Thanks again and love, AP

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