I hate that word. Especially when you put it with a face. This isn’t his face, in fact, this is a borrowed face so if you know this cat I apologize for the jolt. Because every time I see the words “Have you seen?….” along with a photo of someone I know, well I get a jolt.

No, this is a kitty that resembles this sweet face. He’s been a bully and a trouble maker in the past, but right now, he’s breaking hearts by going missing. When I get the call on a missing animal, I’m not always able to help.

For one, animals who can’t find their way home are tough to track. You may “see” one thing from them and an hour later “see” something totally different. And where I live, seeing trees and grass isn’t helpful at all. In fact I’ve spoken to two colleagues who believe that this feisty roamer is not only alive, but trapped somewhere in a shed or garage.  I went out myself since his home is just down the street from me and looked the other morning. Most of the homes in our neighborhood have garages or sheds behind them. And most are vacated.

I’ve mentioned before that I live in a tourist area. Over the Labor Day weekend, almost every house was filled with happy vacationers and their friends and families. It was bustling around here. But now it’s quiet. There are full time occupants in a third of the homes in our area. We believe this guy ventured into someone’s back shed, was poking around, and got shut in accidently. It’s been almost a week and we can’t figure out which one he’s in.

There are things you should do right away when your animal friend goes missing.

  • make posters and handouts with a photo of the animal on it and your phone number. Pass these out and post them where ever you can
  • call your local police (in a rural area) or shelter to make sure someone didn’t turn him in
  • post a flier (with photo) in your car window
  • check your local paper to see if anyone has reported it

These are just the first steps. Animals ( and especially cats ) will go into “survival mode” and become a little feral after a few days. You might be calling in the woods and walk right past them with no response. A watchful eye and literally no stone unturned, must be the way you approach this the more time that passes.

My little buddy disappeared a week ago today. He may have been a victim of a predator, but I don’t think so. As a friend, it’s tough for me to talk with him and know what I’m getting is accurate. As animal communicators, when we know the one who’s missing, it makes what we receive from the animal unreliable because our emotions get in the way.

The absolute-sure-fire-best way to make sure your cat (in particular) doesn’t go missing is to keep them in at night. Even in the city there are predators.  I hope we can find my buddy here soon. I’m not giving up, but we’ve looked everywhere and time is running short.


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