Another update on Han

The name and photo of the dog I’m writing about have been changed. This cute puppy’s photo was borrowed.,

You all remember little Han don’t you? If you’re a loyal reader, you’ll know him. And most of the searches on my blog are for Yorkie pups. So let’s review – in case you’re new.

Han’s mom called me last spring. I work with photos when I talk to animals and his original photo was one of the saddest I’ve ever seen. This puppy was under a year old, had as swollen face due to allergies and a bad gut. He couldn’t walk more than a few yards without sitting down to rest. I got her away from the “well meaning vet” and with a vet I knew could help him.

My client bought her pup because he has hair instead of fur. Her son is allergic to dog fur, so she did some research and found this breed to be good. She found a “breeder” and got her new puppy.

At the time, Oregon had no laws to speak of to control animal breeding. I don’t think what we have now is sufficient.  I am not going to quote it now because I don’t have the exact numbers but will post it later. Something like you can have up to 50 intact dogs in order to be called a breeder. Anyone can be a breeder and there’s big money in it. Choose a popular adorable breed and then breed the sh*** out of her. Soon after my client bought Han, his brother was returned to the breeder. The breeder then called my client to see if she would like to add to her family. She wisely said no.

OK so, I got off track but this little guy is now 18 months old, been to several vets, and recently had his spleen removed.  The spleen weighed a pound and Han only weighed 4 pounds going into surgery. As the saying goes “you do the math”.

I’m amazed at what we do for our animals. My client works two jobs, literally early morning to late into the night so that she can pay for his vet bills.  He’s with a holistic vet and also a specialist now as he has an issue with his blood. I think it’s his red blood cell count. My client speaks English well, but is not from this country. When she gets excited or upset she tends to talk fast. I try to keep up.

I’m furious that these puppies are being allowed to be bred and sold. The topic of how much she originally paid for Han hasn’t  come up, but I know she never expected to be working this hard for a little sick dog. A dog she has come to love and adore just like one of her own kids. A dog who was sick right out of the gate.

I will continue to post updates on Han. And I will say that he is feeling much better now that his spleen has been removed. That is all the info I have on his current condition though because my client has no time to call or email me with specifics. She’s working.


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