Nature can be so cruel

“I was wondering if cats who are taken by other animals, wolves, coyotes, also choose to leave.

My sister’s cat fed a coyote and a friend’s fed a wolf in the last month. My friend is beside her self over it. My sister is sad but is good at taking things in stride.”

This is Cleo. I found her online along with a frustrated post from her human. Cleo keeps bringing home “gifts”. Or “snacks” Or is being plain mean to other little animals in nature. Yeah. That’s it.

Long before we had language, we all communicated telepathically. Seriously. And man did as well as animals. That’s why there are people like me running around the planet  who still retain this skill. It’s an honor and a thrill to learn from animals.

We think nothing of our food on the table each day. And I’m not just talking animal flesh. I claim to eat meat and have no problem with it since I’ve had long conversations with plants and rocks. Vegetables will call to me in the store. If they still have spirit.

Animals make “deals” with each other. We come to this life knowing we may be food for another. Oh wait, not man. We’re the one with the big brain. But animals do what we humans don’t all to often. They thank their prey and make a deal with them that they can be nourished now in exchange for the others life.

Goes against all ways of thinking I know.  But animals know what we humans have forgotten. They can go back to the spirit world and return in a new body. Sometimes to the very human they so abruptly left.  I’ve seen and heard of it many times.  “My cat wasn’t even hungry and brought home this bunny”. It’s hunting skills the cat may need again. And in the split second the cat captured the bunny a deal was made. That bunny was out of his body and back to the spirit world faster than the cat could leap. No pain. Oh but the bunny was still alive. Maybe his body was still moving. But his spirit was gone.

It keeps moving up the chain. And we think now because our cats are being eaten by coyotes and wolves that they (the coyotes and wolves) should be “thinned”. But it’s man who has tromped into their territory and made it a matter of no choice for the coyotes. Do you think they all got together and decided to go after our cats? Nope. They have no more wild food to keep them going.  So they go after the next thing available. And that same “deal” is made.

The difference is, these predators are giving thanks for their meals. They don’t just hunt and harm for fun. It’s built in. And they’re damn grateful. And some “get away”. In other words, no deal was struck.

It sounds and feels so cruel and kinda like some weird novel. But why should we view this any differently than what we eat ourselves? We have no problem sitting down to a full meal. And that meal had spirit in it at one time. It’s what keeps us going. We are “nourished” by spirit. And that holds true for the wild ones around us too.

I think the best lesson we can learn from watching this and having it happen to us, is to give thanks for the food put in front of us each day. And that is just as true for vegetarians as meat eaters. What the animals have over us is a sense of order and thankfulness. We need to practice this as well, every day.

I know I’ve skimmed the surface here. A great book: “Animal Voices” by Dawn Brunke will really help to illistrate this point of predator and prey.

Below is an excerpt from an article from the Autumn issue ’09 of Species Link, a quarterly journal put out by Penelope Smith. The topic is on whether or not Animal Communicators eat meat. But this quote is from a donkey and I thought perfect to end this article with since this donkey states is better than I:

Animals understand being eaten. Animals understand the predator/prey relationship. Animals live in relationship to those other animals. In that relationship there is respect, honor, appreciation, and love of life that is passed between the animal being eaten and the one eating of its flesh. It is never taken unjustly, lightly or for granted. No life is ever wasted.

However, most humans are not aware of what they are eating. They do not eat with spiritual awareness. If you did, you would be in relationship to all you eat, plant and animal alike. You would be conscious that for you to live, something lends its life to nourish you. You would thank each and every thing that nourishes you. And in that respect, that life would live on through you. When you are out of relationship with what you eat, then you do not honor what is being given to you.

That is equally true for plant life as well as animal life. There is no difference. Life is life. Plants have conscious awareness. It just looks different to you. I am always thankful to the grasses and grains that have given their lives for me. That thankfulness is a part of who I am, as it is for each and every one of the beings who live with me on this farm.

Animals understand that in the end we all are eaten. Our bodies are consumed by another animal, insects, or earth. It is part of the cycle.


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