BartWe all remember days that are important in our lives. Our birthdays for example are a time of festivity.  The day we get married is another milestone and the day our children are born. All of these are important to everyone and most women anyway I know remember these dates.

We also tend to remember sad anniversaries. The death of our parents, the day our divorces are final and for a lot of us, the day we lost a very important spirit that was close to us – our animal friends. This is that day for me, this the the second anniversary of the day we lost Bart.  Rather than go into the whole detail of his life and passing, I will let you read the short biography on my website, here.

I recently worked with a client who was really hurting from the loss of her dear animal friend. He has been gone much longer than Bart and she doesn’t have the ability I do to have Bart’s wisdom still passed onto me.

So yesterday I got in the pool.  When I am in the water, I am more able to freely hear animals here and in spirit.  I  heard Bart’s words coming through loud and clear. He told me that “heaven is not off in the clouds, but right here next to us.” In other words, our animal friends are not long gone and far away, but literally gathered around us when we need them and helping us to get through the same things they did when they were in body. Also Bart reminded me that there is no time where he is.  He doesn’t observe this day the way I do – anymore. I think at the time he was very grateful to be leaving his body. But now he has a new “life” so to speak in death. He is working with animals that arrive, he is finding animals for me to talk with that stood by the sides of my clients, and he has his own lessons he’s learning.

I will have some sadness today, I won’t lie. But I also want to celebrate a cat that walked into my life and totally changed it for the most part. I’m still the “me” I always was, but I’m also now well aware of a gift that was lurking inside for the majority of my life. When this cat helped to bring that out, that is when life got very fulfilling.

Who could be sad at something like that?


One thought on “Anniversaries

  1. Hey, I was thinking about you today. It must have been because of Bart’s anniversary. Miss Kitty and Phil say howdy, and Finley sends his regards. He’s 6 1/2—can you believe it? Hope you are well.

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