What animal communication isn’t

A lot of people that come to me for advice or help with their animal only have a vague idea what I do. They’re not not real sure how it works and they don’t ask.  They think I believe they should know before they have a consultation.  And there are some things I can do, and some I can’t.

Before man had language, we used to all communicate telepathically. Even with the animals around us. Ever had one of those moments with a friend where you exclaim” I was just going to say that!” The thought could have very well have traveled between you and your friend, but your friend was the first to verbalize it. In a way, that’s what I’m doing too.

A lot of people believe I can read minds. I have a good friend who still sort of believes this. I can’t read people’s minds and have no interest in it. Animal communication isn’t about reading an animal’s mind. That would mean I’d receive a lot of chatter about all kinds of things rather than what I receive: direct answers to my questions, only in different ways than a direct answer from another human. They understand what I’m asking.  I’m not observing their thought activity.

Some people find it odd that I can use a photo of an animal ( and I prefer this ) and to get all the information I need. For me, it’s a connection to the animal when I see a photo of them. I am learning but am not very confident yet, to not use a photo at all. In this method, I learn the name of the animal, a description, and their human’s name. Kind of like co-ordinates on a map. This is so much easier, faster,  and many communicators work this way. I wish I could explain exactly how it works and there are theories out there. But I don’t ascribe to one particular way. I just know it works. I see the eyes of an animal in a photo, I ask the question, and I receive information. If I’ve known an animal for a long time, I don’t need the photo. In fact several animal friends will contact me if they’re in trouble or need something.

For me, (we all work a little differently) once I see the questions from the human,  I introduce myself to the animal, and it becomes a series of words, pictures, feelings in my bodies, and short movies. They communicate in a way they think we’ll understand. Humans could do the same with each other but are too protected and guarded. Animals aren’t. They have no reason to be. Even an animal that has been mistreated by a human will share with me the details of the event.

I also don’t “work out” the details of the questions so that the answers “fit”. I love logic puzzles but this isn’t a logic exercise. This is an exchange between me and an animal, vegetable, rock, bug, anything with spirit. I have had some amazing experiences with plants, vegetables, and bugs.

I don’t talk much to the human beforehand and get a lot of information in order to make it “fit”. In fact I ask that people tell me as little as possible. I want the photo, a bit of background, and the questions. Keep it pure so that when I come back with the answers, the human knows I have connected with their animal. And I usually throw in a bonus question so my client knows I have spoken to their friend.

I can’t make your animal do what you want it to do. Sorry. They have free will. I can find out what the issue is and why they’re acting out, but the human has to take it from there.  It’s usually over hurt feelings or a misunderstanding. Or uh, lack of training. I mean, even though I can talk with him, my friend Zeke is still a dog and needs to be treated as such.

Animals aren’t “dumb” with small brains that can’t understand what we are saying to them. Quite the opposite. They understand everything that is said to them and around them.  I hate the argument that since their brains are smaller than ours, they can’t form thoughts and feelings.  Well they can.  It’s not just the food you feed them that keeps them coming around. They have a lot more going for them than that.

And they can understand our thoughts. Keep that in mind next time you plan a visit to the vet.


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