My cat Bart was a bully.  He would not allow another feline within 500 yards of our home, and scoured the neighborhood for any cat that might encroach upon his large territory. If  one of us accidentally cornered him, he would rear up on his hind legs and come at us, claws out, screaming like a banshee.

He was a large cat. He weighed 18 pounds but didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. He had many notches on his belt of cats he had seriously injured because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. He even marched through a kitty door of a friend’s house, and as her cats cowered (all 3 of them) ate their food in front of them.

Bart, we believe, had a tough “kitten-hood”. Since he was so big, our belief is that people played with him roughly. He appeared to be enjoying it, but I think it scared him. He also lived for awhile in a house full of dogs and surfers where he was the last one considered at meal time. So he packed his emotional baggage and moved in with us.

We loved him in spite of his misdirected anger. It became obvious that he had suffered some abuse (unwittingly) by humans and as a result, wouldn’t take crap from anyone. Human. Dog. Or cat. He ran our house and we commented to each other one night that it was nice that he let us live here with him.

The other night in a local chat room I became the target of a bully. There is some information about my services on a friend’s website and it apparently caught this person’s eye.  And I quote:

Cannon Beach is getting a well deserved reputation as a base of operations for con men and scam artists–there was the art guy who was bilking clueless investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars selling them non-existant art, now some bimbo is running the “Pet Psychic” scam. We’re gonna put the heat on her–do not let these crooks gain a foothold to make a dishonest buck in our community

This took me off guard. The person wasn’t simply saying that they had “doubt” but went after my business and my passion. To be attacked like this out of the blue for no reason was hard to take in at first. Like most online bullies the person didn’t use their name. I know there are people in my life who don’t believe for a moment that I can do what I know I can do, but I’ve moved past that. This is new territory for me. Another post read:

By the way, did you notice who her “teachers” were? Yeah, big animal expert. She had a couple of cats and a dog, therefore she’s schooled in the paranormal. People like her get busted and sued all the time for bilking dotty old widows outta their cash. It’s an old American con game which should not be allowed to continue….

…..She’s some wigged out dingbat who has smoked enough weed to be able to convince herself and you that she can practice mental telepathy with cats-and then goes beyond the absurd and around the bend stating she can practice the same with dead animals.

I made a brief post that indicated they had taken chunks out of my website and misrepresented me. It was difficult to write since my inclination was to lash back at them. But what good would that have done?

I’m not going to speculate as to why this person decided to jump on me and slander me to the best of their ability. I don’t understand the point. But I’m not going to dwell on it either. By writing this post, I will leave it and move on. I do know the person feels awfully brave to sit behind a computer screen using pseudonyms in order to make themselves feel better. There is no accountability for their words and so, quite simply, they get away with it. This is not a lone wolf. Many angry people for whatever reason floats their boat do the same thing on social media sites.

Bart was a bully because he was afraid deep down that he might lose our love to another cat should he allow one to come into our lives. He defended his home and the love he received and made sure  he wouldn’t have to share with anyone else.

And I know Bart’s motivation for standing on his hind legs, claws out and screaming like a banshee. It was fear.


One thought on “Bullies

  1. Great post. While I have my skeptical side, I also have worked with a wonderful animal communicator, and she knew things that she had no way of knowing about my animal companions. Evidence of “psychic” phenomena is all around us; people just have the habit of explaining it away as coincidence.

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