My Sweet Girls

E&B_a1One spring morning I was living my life as usual. I had opened my store and walked to the bakery in front of our shop for coffee. And there under the bakery were two kitties. A mama and her 6 week old baby. Someone had cruelly dumped them and they were living on their own. The excited group of locals watching these sweet two convinced me within minutes that I should take them to our kite shop and they should live there. I don’t think I’ve ever made a faster decision in my life. Within 15 minutes I was headed back to my shop with coffee and 2 young kitties.

I would find through talking with the mama the trauma she had been through. She had been dumped on the busy highway with at least 3 kittens. She was only 6 months old herself and had a huge task at hand. A man, she told me, left her and her family sitting by the busy road that runs along side our town. She decided to try and move her babies, one at a time, from one safe place to another. Once they were hidden, she hunted in order to produce milk to nurse them. Sadly, while trying to move and keep the babies safe, she was outnumbered by predators and lost two of her precious kittens. So by the time she reached town, some 1/2 mile from where she was dumped, she only had one kitten left. And she wasn’t about to let this one go. E&B_b

Moving into our shop was a tough sell. I spent most of the morning with the tiny kitten inside the store, and the mama in the bushes outside. She growled at us, hissed, and was so overwhelmed with PTSD that she was terrified of humans and what we might be doing with her kitten. I finally picked her up and gently but firmly brought her into my office where her baby was waiting. I had set up a box for them to settle into. And FINALLY mama felt safe and relieved. They slept most of that day. Mama would wake occasionally to eat some food I had put out for her. One didn’t need to be an animal communicator to feel her slowly melt into the love and warmth of my office. I had two new kids.

So by the time she reached town, some 1/2 mile from where she was dumped, she only had one kitten left.

One of our helpful locals assured me that the kitten was a male. Turns out “he” was a “she”. I will say she has interesting markings back there. But by the time I took them to the vet for a health check, I had already named them. The mama I named “Breeze” and her “son” we called “Eddy”. They knew their names, so we didn’t rename Eddy. She loves her name even though it confuses everybody else.

They lived in our shop, (something I would not recommend or ever do again) for about ten years. We already had a no nonsense cat at home and I knew if I tried to integrate the three, one would leave. It often works well to introduce new animals into a home. But Bart (cat at home) had made it clear that he wanted no part of any other animals in our house. So the girls lived 24/7/365 in our shop. It was crowded with kids constantly chasing them in the summer, and cold and lonely in the winter. But, they have always had each other. And they knew no other home.

They are always together, look very much alike, but are very different in personality. Breeze turned out to be very friendly and Eddy doesn’t like most humans except me. We moved them to our house when Bart went to spirit, and once they discovered they could be with me all the time, they were even happier.

Breeze has a condition called Spondylosis. Her spine is slowly fusing together. For a cat and the way they use their spines to move, this can be very painful. But thanks to a tool called the McLaren Phototonic torch, I can perform acupuncture through light on her lower back, spine and hips. She loves it and regular treatments keep her limber and mostly pain free. She can’t use a litter box anymore and we’ve all accepted that a throw rug in the laundry room is her litter box. I have many throw rugs that I wash constantly. But she is curious about all visitors and insists on sleeping on their coats. She’s still quite friendly and wants a comfy lap – if the guest doesn’t try and pet her.

Eddy will retreat the moment anyone or the vacuum cleaner enters a room. She is very shy and very big. She loves to sleep with me but forgets that unlike her other mom, I don’t like to be kneaded. We’re still working on that.

Breeze is totally deaf now. She’s chosen an odd place to sit when she’s hungry, so she can see who is entering the kitchen, the front door, or who dares to smile at her. Once she knows she’s recognized, she lets out the LOUDEST noise I’ve ever heard out of a cat. This tiny elder-kitty can really belt it out in order to get attention. She thankfully gave up my husband’s computer chair as her favorite sleeping place. Because the entire time he worked on his computer she’d yell at him until he moved. It is SO loud that he gave into her a few times.

But to me, the sweetest part of these two and their relationship is the way they’ve slept together since Eddy was a kitten. Breeze sleeps on the outside and Eddy curls up next to her tummy. Only now it looks odd since Eddy is so much bigger. A few times we’ve gone to Breeze’s rescue as she is about to fall off a chair or the bed.

They are close to 15 now. Breeze’s health issues are a challenge but we manage to keep her happy and comfortable. When we love our “kids” we’ll do anything to keep them comfortable. Eddy still explores the outdoors on occasion and both like to sleep on the warm deck in the summer. Makes me nervous when Breeze escapes the yard. And she often does. I found her once two houses away sitting on the neighbor’s lawn and she tried to run from me when she saw me coming.

I feel honored I found these two because they’ve added so much to our lives.

Even though they run the house.



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