My Journey Back to Me

Life throws big time curve balls sometimes. But if you keep a candle burning through the darkness, you will find your way back to the light.

The past few years have been  difficult for me. And I want to tell my story, even though it may be a little disjointed, in the coming months. I have a lot to share and hopefully some of what I have learned will help others. My animal communication has thrown me a lifeline. I am taking clients again. I miss the animals and their humans who love them. I want to get back to what it is I am here for. And in the meantime, I will share my stories of learning to  let go of my family and the love that follows, even though they no longer have their physical body’s. I have always known life happens for a reason. It’s my intention to share my experience and in hopes that my story will help theirs.  Through writing I know I always discover more about myself.

*There is always a candle burning brightly to help us find our way back to the light.

(*guided as I finished this message.)

Love and Light


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