About Me


My name is Lisa Fraser and I’ve been a professional animal communicator (or pet psychic) for over 15 years. During this time I’ve had hilarious, profound, and interesting messages from the animals. They don’t tell you anything but the way they see things. Often surprising and always literal, listening to the words of the animals can be in some cases, life altering.

Animals in Spirit

Years ago I became fascinated with talking with animals on the other side after losing my cat Bart. Filling the role of “my best friend”, I couldn’t stand the thought of not having him around anymore to talk to. So I began practicing more with him and almost immediately began to receive more requests from clients asking me to  talk with their  animals who have transitioned back to their energy bodies. I soon took this on as a specialty although I work with any issue you may be having with your animal.jack_pa

My service grew to include taking the journey (in real time)  with animals whose humans  know it’s sadly time to say good-bye. It has been helpful to my human clients to understand what their animal experienced next. It’s an honor for me to be a part of these experiences.

Returning From A Long Break

I have recently returned from a 2+ year break in which I was spending time with my husband John who transitioned in February of 2016. I have had many conversations with him.  I am now as confident with humans in spirit, as I am with animals. This is new to my services.

It’s Time!

2011-09-20_17-26-05_611According to John, it’s time to express my confidence and offer it to all. I’m now taking clients who have loved ones in spirit they’d love to hear from. I feel so grateful that as a new widow, I can still connect with John in spirit.  However his world view is completely different now. He’s still the same sweet, loving soul, but his view of humans and their journeys on the earth plane are very different. I have written only a few posts on my experiences with humans in spirit but have many more stories to share.

My life has changed quite dramatically in the past few years. But I feel my life is about to change in new exciting ways.


Love and light to all my former and future clients. I look forward to meeting you and your families, four legged or two.



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