bart03I’ve been a professional animal communicator for 15 years. Although I work with all animal issues, I find I get the most calls for either animals readying for spirit, or animals in spirit.

Animals Readying for Spirit We’ve all faced that gut wrenching time when we must decide what is best for our animal friends. We don’t want them to suffer, yet there is always that lingering question in the back of our minds of whether or not “it’s time”. A lot of friends tell us “we’ll know” – but another way is to bring the animal into the conversation.

I’ve helped countless animals and their humans come together at this most difficult time. I’m able to feel what the animal feels in terms of pain, and ask if they have something that would make them more comfortable. Typically they want to stick around as long as they can, and there usually are thingsT that can be slightly altered (like a sleeping place, or a warm pad) that makes their olde bones feel better. And the best part of bringing them into this is that they totally relax. I often hear how much more relaxed the animal becomes once they’ve been heard.

Animals in spirit After our animal friends have crossed the rainbow bridge, we often wonder how they are, are they happy, who are they with. This is also one the many calls I receive. Humans wanting to know their
Alanimal friends are safe and happy. We are under the mistaken impression that “heaven” is in a place far away. In reality, heaven is another dimension that is right next to us. So many of your animal friends are sitting in their favorite places some of the time when they pay their human companion a visit.

Hearing from an animal friend can be very comforting and a lot of times they come with a special message for their human.


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