Log Trucks: Hearses for Trees

logs_c Every time I’m stuck behind a log truck, I get a queasy feeling in my stomach. It’s a mixture of grief and illness as to what lies before me: a hearse for trees. As an animal communicator, I not only understand when animals connect with me, but I also feel and “hear” trees, rocks, even water. That my sound like a stretch – but the old adage is true: we are all one. And that I see other commuters, sailing along past these large hearses shows either they are numb to it, or have never given it a second thought. “It’s just a tree”.
Recently I walked into this holding area and it made me want to turn and run. For me, it’s not unlike the wars we see on TV of scenes in far away places where there has been a war or natural disaster. All the bodies coming through our TV screens, meant to shock us, and yet – this graveyard sits squarely in front of the Columbia river. These lost spirits are awaiting their next journey overseas to mass produce housing for some other country. How nice of us! These defenseless souls lie in wait, most, but not all of them devoid of the spirit they once held. Do we ever thank our own homes? Do we thank those who gave their lives for the purpose of housing us?

Do we ever show gratitude for those who gave their lives for the purpose of housing us?

Most of these “logs” formerly “trees” are old growth. That means that they were here to greet Lewis and Clark and their grand expedition. In those days, and even several decades ago we had raping of the land under control. But today with humans procreating more and more humans, the demand for bigger hollow homes is on the rise. Not just here but around the world.

And what of the eco-system that is slaughtered along with the trees? What of the thousands of species that depended on these giants for their homes, their breeding, their food? The grasses where these giants once stood in forests are matted down like unwashed hair. The animals are displaced and dying. And many are coming into our neighborhoods to find food. I recently saw a bear in a school yard that was wandering aimlessly looking for something to eat. It’s disgusting because we’ve thrust ourselves into their habitats.

They “replant” what they’ve taken. Many times with the wrong types of trees for the climate. Many times without replanting happening for years on end. Many times it doesn’t happen at all.
I’m not suggesting that we can do much about our dependance on trees. That would be blissful thinking. And it’s not going to happen anytime soon. But we can be grateful. We can quietly and often, give thanks to those with no voices. We can look around our homes and thank the trees that gave their lives for our shelter. To me, “it’s just a tree” is ignorant. Because in the world I live in, they’re soulful sages of time and loving energy. They are the true time keepers of the planet. They are also becoming and endangered species.

So the next time you see a log truck hauling its sad load up the highway, send out a little prayer of thanks for those who have given their lives for the planet.

The trees.


Animal ready to go to spirit? Why don’t you ask them?

I recently had a client who had an elderly dog. This is not the dog in the photo, and I won’t be using his real name. I’ll call him Chase. Because in his younger days, this was his favorite game: chase the ball, chase the Frisbee, it didn’t matter. He loved to run and play – a typical dog.

But Chase was at the stage in his life where his body, like so many, had broken down and Chase’s human wasn’t sure what Chase wanted.  This is where an animal communicator (sometimes referred to as pet psychic) can be very helpful.  A human companion can ask the animal his or her wishes. Sometimes the answers are surprising. Other times the animal is ready to go.

Chase told me he had had a good life. He was a runner in his younger days and enjoyed playing with his humans in the park, or anywhere he could run. He loved chasing balls especially. He showed me a young strong dog chasing after whatever was thrown for him. I felt the joy he felt when he was with his humans and how much he loved them.

My client had just the one question. Was Chase ready to go to spirit? At first Chase was hesitant. He told me he loved his human family very much. One in particular (my client) was the one he had the strongest bond with. He showed me that he currently didn’t have good mobility. I could feel that his hips hurt him quite a bit. This in turn was starting to affect his digestive system and eating wasn’t something he enjoyed anymore. It’s like dominoes. One thing is bad, in this case his hips, and it begins to affect other areas of the body. He showed me that sometimes he had trouble walking and had to be aided by his human in order to go outdoors and relieve himself. He said he wasn’t eating much and wasn’t drinking much water either. This was a natural reaction to his body that was starting to break down.

I asked him about traveling to the other side. Older animals (especially cats) will literally leave their bodies and travel to the other side. They don’t cross the Rainbow Bridge into spirit, but they do check out who’s there, and who is waiting for them. There is always someone they know waiting to help them across the bridge and into their new spirit bodies.

There’s a bridge they cross called the Rainbow bridge. There is a famous poem written about it. Although the poem describes a scene that is a bit different from reality, it is pretty close. Most animal communicators see this bridge in different forms. No one is “wrong” it’s simply how we see the bridge. So our animal friends as they age and get to the point of wanting to travel, will sit by the bridge to see who’s there.

When an animal crosses, he is greeted by friends. Sometimes the friends are humans or animals from the animal’s life or sometimes they’re animals the client doesn’t recognize. These are friends from past lifetimes who are there to reunite with their old friend returning home.

It’s a touching scene to see them be greeted by friends and then to all walk across the bridge together. This is as far as I am allowed to go or see. Animal communicators can later talk with an animal in their spirit form, but we’re only allowed to see the animal walk across the bridge with friends.

I have done the walk with animals who are crossing over. I quietly sit and talk with them as they rise out of their bodies and walk to the bridge. It’s touching and it’s an honor to take part in this farewell.

Chase, although he wanted to stay with his humans, felt it might be time to go due to his failing body. He wasn’t quite sure what to do. He said to me ” I want to stay with  my humans as long as I can. But the body will never heal. I can to and return to them in a younger, stronger body.” I agreed that this was indeed true. I explained how the process works. I told him his doctor would give him a shot that would put him in a deep sleep. I’ve seen animals that are so ready to go, that the initial shot is all they need to get out of their body. I told him it would be like a peaceful nap. And then he’d be free to go. He’d join his friends in spirit, and “run and play” again. “That sounds nice” he told me, “I think I’d like to do that.”

That evening after reading the responses to his human’s questions, he showed them that he was ready. He no longer could stand on his own and his human knew that he was ready to leave.

Animals going to spirit is a very sad and hard time. If we’re animal lovers, we repeat this process many times throughout our own short lives. But once an animal’s wishes are heard, they typically feel ready. They know where they’re going and they know who is waiting for them.


My cat Bart was a bully.  He would not allow another feline within 500 yards of our home, and scoured the neighborhood for any cat that might encroach upon his large territory. If  one of us accidentally cornered him, he would rear up on his hind legs and come at us, claws out, screaming like a banshee.

He was a large cat. He weighed 18 pounds but didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. He had many notches on his belt of cats he had seriously injured because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. He even marched through a kitty door of a friend’s house, and as her cats cowered (all 3 of them) ate their food in front of them.

Bart, we believe, had a tough “kitten-hood”. Since he was so big, our belief is that people played with him roughly. He appeared to be enjoying it, but I think it scared him. He also lived for awhile in a house full of dogs and surfers where he was the last one considered at meal time. So he packed his emotional baggage and moved in with us.

We loved him in spite of his misdirected anger. It became obvious that he had suffered some abuse (unwittingly) by humans and as a result, wouldn’t take crap from anyone. Human. Dog. Or cat. He ran our house and we commented to each other one night that it was nice that he let us live here with him.

The other night in a local chat room I became the target of a bully. There is some information about my services on a friend’s website and it apparently caught this person’s eye.  And I quote:

Cannon Beach is getting a well deserved reputation as a base of operations for con men and scam artists–there was the art guy who was bilking clueless investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars selling them non-existant art, now some bimbo is running the “Pet Psychic” scam. We’re gonna put the heat on her–do not let these crooks gain a foothold to make a dishonest buck in our community

This took me off guard. The person wasn’t simply saying that they had “doubt” but went after my business and my passion. To be attacked like this out of the blue for no reason was hard to take in at first. Like most online bullies the person didn’t use their name. I know there are people in my life who don’t believe for a moment that I can do what I know I can do, but I’ve moved past that. This is new territory for me. Another post read:

By the way, did you notice who her “teachers” were? Yeah, big animal expert. She had a couple of cats and a dog, therefore she’s schooled in the paranormal. People like her get busted and sued all the time for bilking dotty old widows outta their cash. It’s an old American con game which should not be allowed to continue….

…..She’s some wigged out dingbat who has smoked enough weed to be able to convince herself and you that she can practice mental telepathy with cats-and then goes beyond the absurd and around the bend stating she can practice the same with dead animals.

I made a brief post that indicated they had taken chunks out of my website and misrepresented me. It was difficult to write since my inclination was to lash back at them. But what good would that have done?

I’m not going to speculate as to why this person decided to jump on me and slander me to the best of their ability. I don’t understand the point. But I’m not going to dwell on it either. By writing this post, I will leave it and move on. I do know the person feels awfully brave to sit behind a computer screen using pseudonyms in order to make themselves feel better. There is no accountability for their words and so, quite simply, they get away with it. This is not a lone wolf. Many angry people for whatever reason floats their boat do the same thing on social media sites.

Bart was a bully because he was afraid deep down that he might lose our love to another cat should he allow one to come into our lives. He defended his home and the love he received and made sure  he wouldn’t have to share with anyone else.

And I know Bart’s motivation for standing on his hind legs, claws out and screaming like a banshee. It was fear.

When it comes down to it – you have to take care of yourself

Meet Zoe. The potentially newest member of our tribe here. We have two indoor “elderly ladies”, one of whom just woke me at 5:30 this morning. And we have this young kitty who, by a few handouts and her own wits, has survived the winter here in our neighborhood. Not only is she beautiful. She’s smart.

I want Zoe to stay and be our outdoor kitty. She seems to have moved under our house and asks politely for breakfast by risking visibility on our front porch in the mornings. Her eyes are the bluest I’ve seen. Her spirit looks right through me with thanks for what is becoming a routine meal. The jury is still out, but I have a feeling she’s going to join our family.

But I want to talk about someone else today. Me. I couldn’t sleep last night and when that happens it is usually an endless night of up and down, looking for the right medication I’ve been given to help with this issue. I exercise , for the most part. After all, living at the beach and having the best dog on the planet to accompany me is too hard to pass up. We’re heading out shortly. I swim. But I’ve become inconsistent. And there is no better cure for back pain.

My back has been in constant pain for almost 10 years. It’s not something surgery will cure. I’ve been to every known specialist and alternative healer I can find. Only for the most part, I’m stuck. I don’t listen. I plan to be on board with the new program, but usually I fall back into old ways. I don’t eat as I should, I don’t rest when I know I should, andI’m kinda cranky to friends and family – because I’m in pain all of the time. And, up until last night I spent a great deal of time feeling sorry for myself because NO ONE has had the answer.

But I realized last night as I tried to knock myself out, that the answer lies within me. I am the one who is going to find a way to live with this and find  healthy way to live day to day. I have to almost develop my own 12 step program.

And why would I do that? Because I am surrounded by souls that love me. My now, three felines depend on me for attention, support, and love. They certainly return the love. And there is a human in the picture too. He has tried, been supportive and returned the love I send him as well.

No one is going to do this for me. I have to take charge of me. I have to put more work and more effort into my health or I’m going to stay this way for the rest of my life. Man that is a heavy sentence. And to think of that almost bowls me over. Almost everything has to be tweaked. Not changed, but tweaked.

I know now why Zoe is in my life. She is showing me that if you take it one day at a time, show appreciation for those who surround you and eat the healthy food that you need – that you can make life without pain a reality.Or in Zoe’s case, finally have a place to relax. We can both get out of anxiety mode.

I want more than anything to help humans to understand their animals. I want to do it day in and out and I want to feel at the end of the day I’ve accomplished something that few can do. But I also need to get myself healthy. How can I help someone else if I’m not living a truth?

The light was shown very brightly to me last night and I know what I have to do. And I’m going to, for this day, do it. I’m doing it for the other human in my life, the animals that love and cherish, but mostly I’m going to try and be authentic and healthy every day: for me.

Because at the end of the day as I lie in bed,there’s really only one person I have to be with and answer to. And it’s about time I started living and smiling instead of wincing in pain as I drift off to sleep.

Thank you Zoe.

Miss Maddie made it Easy

Awhile back I worked with this lovely lady. Her name is Miss Maddie. She was a healer who traveled the quiet neighborhood in the midsection of our small community. She lived with many humans and went by many names. Loved by all who knew her, this healer masked herself as a feline. She lived for a year or two with one human, and then would move on to the next soul who was in need of her gentle healing.

Her last human called me when Miss Maddie was working her way through her final days. She had questions on Maddie’s wishes and true condition.  She had adopted her last person who made a promise to her. She would help her live out her life and then help her to spirit. Miss Maddie was 15 when I met her. She had a tumor in her belly that was bigger than she was. It was hard at first to see what this tumor had done to this tiny elderly frame. But the love that she radiated told me her heart was bigger than any tumor could ever become.

I was with Miss Maddie and her human the day she went to spirit. We needed a vet’s help and it’s not something I typically do with clients. But in this case I made an exception. I don’t regret a moment of that very hard day. I asked Bart ahead of time to please keep his heart ready to receive Miss Maddie when she arrived at her destination – the place where her spirit would live on in the heavens.  Bart received her as my client and I shared tears and a day we won’t forget. Miss Maddie had had a great life and was now watching over all from her new home in spirit.

Maddie made sure her human and I cemented a friendship before she left. And soon after, my new friend adopted two kittens. One is red. Red kitties as I’ve talked about before are very special spiritual cats. They are like little mysterious messengers from Spirit that live among us.  I had my eye on Stella from the beginning. For now though she’s a kitten who’s legs and body don’t quite co-ordinate. She’s exploring all this new body and life have to offer. She’s a “hunter-wannabe” and a great companion for her new mom and brother who is part 2 of the package adopted by my friend.

Her brother Easy is jet-black. A male kitten dipped in ink except for his yellow-green eyes. He’s more shy than his sister and lives to eat. He’s going to be one big black boy. He’s also changing  in a way that I hadn’t been ready for.

Shortly after my friend adopted her kitty kids, she went to visit her human kids. So she asked if I would take a shift feeding the two little eating and growing machines at her home. I agreed. On the first night I was watching them play and I glanced at a beautiful photo of Miss Maddie that hangs on the wall. Since I work with animal’s photos I often get messages when I’m not expecting it.

As I looked at the photo, Maddie told me she would watch over the kids so that they would stay out of trouble and then said in a matter-of-fact way that she and Easy had been in negotiations.  She was going to trade spirits with this kitty and assume his body. I was surprised. She was coming back rather quickly and this time as a male. But Maddie has always had her own agenda.

The rest of the week was fascinating as I watched what had been a shy male kitten, become a cat I had known in a different body. He spent a lot of his time eating, but he also visibly changed. Slowly he began to take on the traits of Maddie. Whenever I would arrive to feed them – he’d greet me at the door while Stella was busy hanging from a curtain rod. It was like he knew how to behave, and he knew me.  He was enjoying the young strong body and I started to think I was making it all up. That is until the neighbor stopped by.

My friend’s neighbor dropped in to chat and see the kitties one afternoon. She too is an animal lover and told me how much she was enjoying the kittens. She described some great kitten moments of Stella’s and then said “And Easy really reminds me of Miss Maddie!” I was a little taken aback. I had told no one what Maddie had told me. And this was coming from someone who knew Maddie, was watching  the kittens at play in the daytime outside, and had come to this on her own.

My friend has been back from vacation for over a month now. She is sure that Easy is Maddie, or rather Maddie is Easy. Whatever. I have seen this many times after the transition is complete, but never watched it from the beginning and followed the progress. He’s an amazing cat. And I’m sure he’s going to carry on the work that Maddie came here to do. I’m fairly certain he’ll stay with his sister and my friend. He loves them both very much.

And it should be interesting and fun to watch as Maddie/Easy performs his magic.

What animal communication isn’t

A lot of people that come to me for advice or help with their animal only have a vague idea what I do. They’re not not real sure how it works and they don’t ask.  They think I believe they should know before they have a consultation.  And there are some things I can do, and some I can’t.

Before man had language, we used to all communicate telepathically. Even with the animals around us. Ever had one of those moments with a friend where you exclaim” I was just going to say that!” The thought could have very well have traveled between you and your friend, but your friend was the first to verbalize it. In a way, that’s what I’m doing too.

A lot of people believe I can read minds. I have a good friend who still sort of believes this. I can’t read people’s minds and have no interest in it. Animal communication isn’t about reading an animal’s mind. That would mean I’d receive a lot of chatter about all kinds of things rather than what I receive: direct answers to my questions, only in different ways than a direct answer from another human. They understand what I’m asking.  I’m not observing their thought activity.

Some people find it odd that I can use a photo of an animal ( and I prefer this ) and to get all the information I need. For me, it’s a connection to the animal when I see a photo of them. I am learning but am not very confident yet, to not use a photo at all. In this method, I learn the name of the animal, a description, and their human’s name. Kind of like co-ordinates on a map. This is so much easier, faster,  and many communicators work this way. I wish I could explain exactly how it works and there are theories out there. But I don’t ascribe to one particular way. I just know it works. I see the eyes of an animal in a photo, I ask the question, and I receive information. If I’ve known an animal for a long time, I don’t need the photo. In fact several animal friends will contact me if they’re in trouble or need something.

For me, (we all work a little differently) once I see the questions from the human,  I introduce myself to the animal, and it becomes a series of words, pictures, feelings in my bodies, and short movies. They communicate in a way they think we’ll understand. Humans could do the same with each other but are too protected and guarded. Animals aren’t. They have no reason to be. Even an animal that has been mistreated by a human will share with me the details of the event.

I also don’t “work out” the details of the questions so that the answers “fit”. I love logic puzzles but this isn’t a logic exercise. This is an exchange between me and an animal, vegetable, rock, bug, anything with spirit. I have had some amazing experiences with plants, vegetables, and bugs.

I don’t talk much to the human beforehand and get a lot of information in order to make it “fit”. In fact I ask that people tell me as little as possible. I want the photo, a bit of background, and the questions. Keep it pure so that when I come back with the answers, the human knows I have connected with their animal. And I usually throw in a bonus question so my client knows I have spoken to their friend.

I can’t make your animal do what you want it to do. Sorry. They have free will. I can find out what the issue is and why they’re acting out, but the human has to take it from there.  It’s usually over hurt feelings or a misunderstanding. Or uh, lack of training. I mean, even though I can talk with him, my friend Zeke is still a dog and needs to be treated as such.

Animals aren’t “dumb” with small brains that can’t understand what we are saying to them. Quite the opposite. They understand everything that is said to them and around them.  I hate the argument that since their brains are smaller than ours, they can’t form thoughts and feelings.  Well they can.  It’s not just the food you feed them that keeps them coming around. They have a lot more going for them than that.

And they can understand our thoughts. Keep that in mind next time you plan a visit to the vet.


BartWe all remember days that are important in our lives. Our birthdays for example are a time of festivity.  The day we get married is another milestone and the day our children are born. All of these are important to everyone and most women anyway I know remember these dates.

We also tend to remember sad anniversaries. The death of our parents, the day our divorces are final and for a lot of us, the day we lost a very important spirit that was close to us – our animal friends. This is that day for me, this the the second anniversary of the day we lost Bart.  Rather than go into the whole detail of his life and passing, I will let you read the short biography on my website, here.

I recently worked with a client who was really hurting from the loss of her dear animal friend. He has been gone much longer than Bart and she doesn’t have the ability I do to have Bart’s wisdom still passed onto me.

So yesterday I got in the pool.  When I am in the water, I am more able to freely hear animals here and in spirit.  I  heard Bart’s words coming through loud and clear. He told me that “heaven is not off in the clouds, but right here next to us.” In other words, our animal friends are not long gone and far away, but literally gathered around us when we need them and helping us to get through the same things they did when they were in body. Also Bart reminded me that there is no time where he is.  He doesn’t observe this day the way I do – anymore. I think at the time he was very grateful to be leaving his body. But now he has a new “life” so to speak in death. He is working with animals that arrive, he is finding animals for me to talk with that stood by the sides of my clients, and he has his own lessons he’s learning.

I will have some sadness today, I won’t lie. But I also want to celebrate a cat that walked into my life and totally changed it for the most part. I’m still the “me” I always was, but I’m also now well aware of a gift that was lurking inside for the majority of my life. When this cat helped to bring that out, that is when life got very fulfilling.

Who could be sad at something like that?

My best friend

You may have seen him before. Well yeah, he’s right up above here in my banner. His name is Zeke and he’s my best bud. We try to go to the beach at least once a week. We experience different things on our walk, even though we’re walking together.

I’m currently working out some issues that are tough for me. The fresh sea air clears my head. The cool wind keeps me present. I always notice that the sea and the beach are different. Though we’ve walked this beach hundreds of times, maybe thousands, it feels like a fresh place each time we go. It might be new driftwood that washed up the night before, could be that sand has been removed or brought to the beach by the angry night sea, or simply that the light has changed from the last time we visited. It’s always a different day on the same beach for us, every time we go.

I wish I was a stats person. If I was, I could tell you how many more smells  Zeke notices than I do. To me, it’s simply the fresh sea breeze and beach I notice. But to my best friend this is a treasure trove of smells. Dogs have well, a lot more smell senses than we do.  They have sensors in their mouths as well as those keen noses. So when we go to the beach, the salt air is just a backdrop to all the other interesting smells. Canines that have visited the beach before us, food that has been stashed carelessly behind by folks having a meal on the beach, or sea birds that have left their bodies for the other side  (another way of saying “dead birds”), all of these smells are of intense interest to a dog. If the tide hasn’t washed it away, chances are, he can smell it. So his walk is like mine. It’s different every day.

We occasionally have east winds that gust from the land. I used to hate these days when Zeke was younger. The good news was that east winds mean clear weather. Sometimes warm, sometimes cold depending on the season. But they also mean bringing smells from the land. Even I with my wimpy sense of smell have noted the musky scent of elk as we walk the beach and so has Zeke.

When he was younger I would watch him (very carefully) as he’d run along the tree line that meets the beach, looking up for a place to spring up an elk trail. A place to start the chase. Some days I’d lose him and his brother for a few frustrating hours. I’d worry about the road that he’d have to cross in order to stay in pursuit. And then what? How would a dog who pales in comparison to these giants capture their “prey”? Bark them to death?

Those days are mostly over since his brother has sore bones, he doesn’t rise to the occasion too often for the hunt. But now that I know what I know about dogs, I wish I hadn’t been so hard on them. I used to scream, yell, stamp my feet, get all bent outa shape. Threaten them with no walks. All to no avail. And for what? Being angry that they were simply being dogs doing what dogs do? Having fun? Nah, the stamping, yelling, and screaming never worked.

And Zeke isn’t my dog. He lives in another pack of which he considers me a member. Maybe because I picked him from the litter. He fell asleep in my lap on his ride to his new home. He took his first walk with me on the beach. And then his second, and then (just keep adding them in here). He may not live with me, but Zeke’s my dog. He calls me “mom”, he calls to me when he’s in trouble, and he has an adorable sense of humor.

Yeah my guy is in his prime now, a few more years will tip him into his elder years. I don’t think about that though because that would be going against the grain of dogs. For dogs, like we humans should, live in the moment. We’ll be walking the beach and Zeke will remind me that I’m not staying with the moment very well. I’m “off” somewhere in my head which does us no good. We need to stay present, he reminds me, or we might miss one of these interesting smells. Or simply the pleasure of being together on the beach.

I love my guy. I know he loves me too. And it’s the kind of love that doesn’t shift and change. It’s not complicated love. It just is.

Wish I was a stats person.  Then I could guesstimate how many others out there have Zeke’s and know what I’m talking about.  It’s what life’s about. The fact that two beings can take the same walk, have totally different experiences, and still be blissfully happy at the conclusion of their time together.

That kind of friendship. That kind of love.

Nature can be so cruel

“I was wondering if cats who are taken by other animals, wolves, coyotes, also choose to leave.

My sister’s cat fed a coyote and a friend’s fed a wolf in the last month. My friend is beside her self over it. My sister is sad but is good at taking things in stride.”

This is Cleo. I found her online along with a frustrated post from her human. Cleo keeps bringing home “gifts”. Or “snacks” Or is being plain mean to other little animals in nature. Yeah. That’s it.

Long before we had language, we all communicated telepathically. Seriously. And man did as well as animals. That’s why there are people like me running around the planet  who still retain this skill. It’s an honor and a thrill to learn from animals.

We think nothing of our food on the table each day. And I’m not just talking animal flesh. I claim to eat meat and have no problem with it since I’ve had long conversations with plants and rocks. Vegetables will call to me in the store. If they still have spirit.

Animals make “deals” with each other. We come to this life knowing we may be food for another. Oh wait, not man. We’re the one with the big brain. But animals do what we humans don’t all to often. They thank their prey and make a deal with them that they can be nourished now in exchange for the others life.

Goes against all ways of thinking I know.  But animals know what we humans have forgotten. They can go back to the spirit world and return in a new body. Sometimes to the very human they so abruptly left.  I’ve seen and heard of it many times.  “My cat wasn’t even hungry and brought home this bunny”. It’s hunting skills the cat may need again. And in the split second the cat captured the bunny a deal was made. That bunny was out of his body and back to the spirit world faster than the cat could leap. No pain. Oh but the bunny was still alive. Maybe his body was still moving. But his spirit was gone.

It keeps moving up the chain. And we think now because our cats are being eaten by coyotes and wolves that they (the coyotes and wolves) should be “thinned”. But it’s man who has tromped into their territory and made it a matter of no choice for the coyotes. Do you think they all got together and decided to go after our cats? Nope. They have no more wild food to keep them going.  So they go after the next thing available. And that same “deal” is made.

The difference is, these predators are giving thanks for their meals. They don’t just hunt and harm for fun. It’s built in. And they’re damn grateful. And some “get away”. In other words, no deal was struck.

It sounds and feels so cruel and kinda like some weird novel. But why should we view this any differently than what we eat ourselves? We have no problem sitting down to a full meal. And that meal had spirit in it at one time. It’s what keeps us going. We are “nourished” by spirit. And that holds true for the wild ones around us too.

I think the best lesson we can learn from watching this and having it happen to us, is to give thanks for the food put in front of us each day. And that is just as true for vegetarians as meat eaters. What the animals have over us is a sense of order and thankfulness. We need to practice this as well, every day.

I know I’ve skimmed the surface here. A great book: “Animal Voices” by Dawn Brunke will really help to illistrate this point of predator and prey.

Below is an excerpt from an article from the Autumn issue ’09 of Species Link, a quarterly journal put out by Penelope Smith. The topic is on whether or not Animal Communicators eat meat. But this quote is from a donkey and I thought perfect to end this article with since this donkey states is better than I:

Animals understand being eaten. Animals understand the predator/prey relationship. Animals live in relationship to those other animals. In that relationship there is respect, honor, appreciation, and love of life that is passed between the animal being eaten and the one eating of its flesh. It is never taken unjustly, lightly or for granted. No life is ever wasted.

However, most humans are not aware of what they are eating. They do not eat with spiritual awareness. If you did, you would be in relationship to all you eat, plant and animal alike. You would be conscious that for you to live, something lends its life to nourish you. You would thank each and every thing that nourishes you. And in that respect, that life would live on through you. When you are out of relationship with what you eat, then you do not honor what is being given to you.

That is equally true for plant life as well as animal life. There is no difference. Life is life. Plants have conscious awareness. It just looks different to you. I am always thankful to the grasses and grains that have given their lives for me. That thankfulness is a part of who I am, as it is for each and every one of the beings who live with me on this farm.

Animals understand that in the end we all are eaten. Our bodies are consumed by another animal, insects, or earth. It is part of the cycle.

Another update on Han

The name and photo of the dog I’m writing about have been changed. This cute puppy’s photo was borrowed.,

You all remember little Han don’t you? If you’re a loyal reader, you’ll know him. And most of the searches on my blog are for Yorkie pups. So let’s review – in case you’re new.

Han’s mom called me last spring. I work with photos when I talk to animals and his original photo was one of the saddest I’ve ever seen. This puppy was under a year old, had as swollen face due to allergies and a bad gut. He couldn’t walk more than a few yards without sitting down to rest. I got her away from the “well meaning vet” and with a vet I knew could help him.

My client bought her pup because he has hair instead of fur. Her son is allergic to dog fur, so she did some research and found this breed to be good. She found a “breeder” and got her new puppy.

At the time, Oregon had no laws to speak of to control animal breeding. I don’t think what we have now is sufficient.  I am not going to quote it now because I don’t have the exact numbers but will post it later. Something like you can have up to 50 intact dogs in order to be called a breeder. Anyone can be a breeder and there’s big money in it. Choose a popular adorable breed and then breed the sh*** out of her. Soon after my client bought Han, his brother was returned to the breeder. The breeder then called my client to see if she would like to add to her family. She wisely said no.

OK so, I got off track but this little guy is now 18 months old, been to several vets, and recently had his spleen removed.  The spleen weighed a pound and Han only weighed 4 pounds going into surgery. As the saying goes “you do the math”.

I’m amazed at what we do for our animals. My client works two jobs, literally early morning to late into the night so that she can pay for his vet bills.  He’s with a holistic vet and also a specialist now as he has an issue with his blood. I think it’s his red blood cell count. My client speaks English well, but is not from this country. When she gets excited or upset she tends to talk fast. I try to keep up.

I’m furious that these puppies are being allowed to be bred and sold. The topic of how much she originally paid for Han hasn’t  come up, but I know she never expected to be working this hard for a little sick dog. A dog she has come to love and adore just like one of her own kids. A dog who was sick right out of the gate.

I will continue to post updates on Han. And I will say that he is feeling much better now that his spleen has been removed. That is all the info I have on his current condition though because my client has no time to call or email me with specifics. She’s working.