How It Works

For the past fifteen years I have asked that clients provide me with a photo. I am very visual and once I see the animal or human who we’re going to talk with, I have a deep connection.  With the advantage of smart phones, email, social media etc., submitting a photo is very easy. And once I have looked into your animal or human friend’s eyes I can move forward with your questions.

I am doing over-the-phone readings now and so you as the client, will need to come prepared with some questions. If you are having trouble with them, I’ll be happy to help you come  up with some. It’s a lot easier once you get going.

The same for humans in spirit. I will be doing these over the phone now too. I may need a photo of your loved one, so please be prepared to submit a photo. Once you’ve entered your info on the “contact me” page, we will go from there.

My goal is to connect you with your loved ones on the other side and bring a message of comfort.