Animal Communication: continued lessons from the animals

As an animal communicator, I’m always learning. If you aren’t and “stuck” into a pattern of knowing all there is, then you aren’t growing. My blog has gone untouched for many months since I’ve had many animal communication jobs and learned a lot of interesting and helpful information, than when I last posted.

Meet my friend here. His name for the sake of this article is “Bear”. This is not his real photo or name. But Bear is in the last stages of his life. He’s preparing for spirit and so is his human. She is a friend and has been taking a course online about animals making the transition and recently she attended a conference in another city. A long journey she wanted to take with Bear.

Bear is at a point in his life where routine is everything. Like elder humans, he likes to greet his day knowing exactly what will happen. No surprises thank you very much!  He also likes his mom with him whenever possible. So my friend decided to take Bear to the conference where she’d learn more about his journey. I offered to explain to Bear,  in advance of the trip all the particulars. Where they would be staying, what they would be doing, and most importantly: did he want to go?

He was very excited about the entire adventure. Not only did he want to travel with his mom, but he wanted to participate in this most important conference. For he, after all, is in the stage of life that was the subect of the conference. He was excited and had some very wise words for his mom.

“This is the journey my mom and I are on. She needs to feel the healing *I* can bring to the end of my body’s life. I will still be with her always. She will continue on to help other animals as they move out of their body and I will be there along side her to help. I will help all the humans at the “place” (conference) with their animals too.When go to spirit, I will greet those who arrive in spirit and be their guide. This isn’t a sad time, it just the time my body is starting to fail me. It is natural. BUT, while I am still here, my mom and all the people can feel my healing come through for them. That is why I am going.  These humans are not assembling by mistake. They too have lost animal friends and want to learn how best to assist us. How can they do it? By letting us be who we are, and always were. We can heal them as we move back to our home. I am very excited to share my healing with these people.

And to my mom: Please don’t worry about me. I am happy and I’m fine. I will leave when the time is ready. But for now, our love is to be cherished in the moment. For this moment is all we have. Let’s enjoy this time and don’t go to the worry place. I am fine. If the body acts strange, don’t be worried. The body can’t help what it does now. But I am still “Bear” and will always be by your side, helping you in whatever way you choose. Animals need humans like you mom. You are full of life, you bring awareness, and you say it in a way that truly heals.

As an animal communicator, I knew these words came from Bear’s higher self. But they’re universal to all animals.  Humans need to understand that our special connection with our animal friends doesn’t go away when the body is finished. It’s always there, every day, helping us in our daily lives.

Bear’s words are words for us all to live by.  And a lesson for all humans.






Until a story was published about me in a local paper a few years ago, Norma had no idea animal communication was possible. But she and her husband Ed contacted me so that I could talk with their dog Hannah. This is her pictured on the right. She had some health problems, she was blind with cataracts and had bad infections in her ears. Ed and Norma wanted assurance that she wasn’t in pain. This beautiful girl with the sweet smile was not in pain, though the daily medication treatments stung her ears a bit.

They took her to a vet that told them that a surgery was possible, but risky for a dog Hannah’s age. Also it couldn’t be done in our area and Hannah would be in pain after the surgery. It was a very tough decision and a hard call for anyone to make. But Hannah had lived a good long life so Ed and Norma did what was best for Hannah. Rather than put her through the ordeal of a painful surgery to help, but not cure her ear problems, they chose to send Hannah to spirit. It was the best choice for Hannah.

Not only were Ed and Norma heartbroken, but Buddy their other Cocker and Hannah’s soul mate was devastated too. He told me he’d rather be in spirit with Hannah, he was so grief stricken. In their last few years together, Buddy had helped Hannah navigate their world. She had such trouble seeing because of her bad vision, that Buddy had been her, well, seeing eye dog. He missed her very much and wanted to be with her. This is not unusual. I’ve seen healthy animals either have accidents or die suddenly when their mate goes to spirit.

So shortly after Hannah left them, Ed and Norma went to the shelter and adopted Bugsy.  He was a Boston Terrier who was in the same place they were. He had lost his human and was awaiting adoption by a new family. Bugsy had some health issues of his own because he too was an “elder dog”.  He had cataracts that really distorted his vision.  Bugsy literally had no future until Ed and Norma found him.

Gradually, everyone worked through their grief and got to know each other. It took some time, but Buddy and Bugsy began to really have a good time together. Buddy told me they were “a couple of old guys kickn’ around” – a line that has always made me laugh. Both “old guys” had arthritis in their hips, so Norma and Ed took them to the beach daily for a walk. And Bugsy was just what this family needed. I suggested a good supplement for the boys and their hips got stronger. Today they are very good friends. Bugsy has a loving home again, Buddy has a friend to knock around with, and Ed and Norma’s family is once again complete.

Buddy has not forgotten Hannah, nor has anyone in this family.  I often wonder if Hannah was the catalysis who “urged” Ed and Norma to go to the shelter that day and find this wonderful guy. Bugsy told me he helped to heal his human that is now in spirit and now he’s helping to heal the hearts of this family. I think he’s done his job and earned his new life.

This is a story that is special to me.  Hannah will always hold a special place in my heart. She was so kind and loving and never even let on to me if she was in pain. In fact I don’t believe she suffered at all. For one, animals don’t feel pain as humans think they do and two, well, Hannah really is one-of-a-kind. But then, so are Ed and Norma.

As for the old guys? They’re still enjoying daily walks on the beach that I know keep them younger and younger. These two are pretty great guys themselves.  And they have their angel Hannah watching over them as they enjoy a second life together. Both of these dogs had decided this was the end of the line for them. But this new found friendship has changed everything. And it’s keeping everybody young.

I titled this post “Angels”  because I believe that everyone, human and canine are all angels.

My best friend

You may have seen him before. Well yeah, he’s right up above here in my banner. His name is Zeke and he’s my best bud. We try to go to the beach at least once a week. We experience different things on our walk, even though we’re walking together.

I’m currently working out some issues that are tough for me. The fresh sea air clears my head. The cool wind keeps me present. I always notice that the sea and the beach are different. Though we’ve walked this beach hundreds of times, maybe thousands, it feels like a fresh place each time we go. It might be new driftwood that washed up the night before, could be that sand has been removed or brought to the beach by the angry night sea, or simply that the light has changed from the last time we visited. It’s always a different day on the same beach for us, every time we go.

I wish I was a stats person. If I was, I could tell you how many more smells  Zeke notices than I do. To me, it’s simply the fresh sea breeze and beach I notice. But to my best friend this is a treasure trove of smells. Dogs have well, a lot more smell senses than we do.  They have sensors in their mouths as well as those keen noses. So when we go to the beach, the salt air is just a backdrop to all the other interesting smells. Canines that have visited the beach before us, food that has been stashed carelessly behind by folks having a meal on the beach, or sea birds that have left their bodies for the other side  (another way of saying “dead birds”), all of these smells are of intense interest to a dog. If the tide hasn’t washed it away, chances are, he can smell it. So his walk is like mine. It’s different every day.

We occasionally have east winds that gust from the land. I used to hate these days when Zeke was younger. The good news was that east winds mean clear weather. Sometimes warm, sometimes cold depending on the season. But they also mean bringing smells from the land. Even I with my wimpy sense of smell have noted the musky scent of elk as we walk the beach and so has Zeke.

When he was younger I would watch him (very carefully) as he’d run along the tree line that meets the beach, looking up for a place to spring up an elk trail. A place to start the chase. Some days I’d lose him and his brother for a few frustrating hours. I’d worry about the road that he’d have to cross in order to stay in pursuit. And then what? How would a dog who pales in comparison to these giants capture their “prey”? Bark them to death?

Those days are mostly over since his brother has sore bones, he doesn’t rise to the occasion too often for the hunt. But now that I know what I know about dogs, I wish I hadn’t been so hard on them. I used to scream, yell, stamp my feet, get all bent outa shape. Threaten them with no walks. All to no avail. And for what? Being angry that they were simply being dogs doing what dogs do? Having fun? Nah, the stamping, yelling, and screaming never worked.

And Zeke isn’t my dog. He lives in another pack of which he considers me a member. Maybe because I picked him from the litter. He fell asleep in my lap on his ride to his new home. He took his first walk with me on the beach. And then his second, and then (just keep adding them in here). He may not live with me, but Zeke’s my dog. He calls me “mom”, he calls to me when he’s in trouble, and he has an adorable sense of humor.

Yeah my guy is in his prime now, a few more years will tip him into his elder years. I don’t think about that though because that would be going against the grain of dogs. For dogs, like we humans should, live in the moment. We’ll be walking the beach and Zeke will remind me that I’m not staying with the moment very well. I’m “off” somewhere in my head which does us no good. We need to stay present, he reminds me, or we might miss one of these interesting smells. Or simply the pleasure of being together on the beach.

I love my guy. I know he loves me too. And it’s the kind of love that doesn’t shift and change. It’s not complicated love. It just is.

Wish I was a stats person.  Then I could guesstimate how many others out there have Zeke’s and know what I’m talking about.  It’s what life’s about. The fact that two beings can take the same walk, have totally different experiences, and still be blissfully happy at the conclusion of their time together.

That kind of friendship. That kind of love.

Another update on Han

The name and photo of the dog I’m writing about have been changed. This cute puppy’s photo was borrowed.,

You all remember little Han don’t you? If you’re a loyal reader, you’ll know him. And most of the searches on my blog are for Yorkie pups. So let’s review – in case you’re new.

Han’s mom called me last spring. I work with photos when I talk to animals and his original photo was one of the saddest I’ve ever seen. This puppy was under a year old, had as swollen face due to allergies and a bad gut. He couldn’t walk more than a few yards without sitting down to rest. I got her away from the “well meaning vet” and with a vet I knew could help him.

My client bought her pup because he has hair instead of fur. Her son is allergic to dog fur, so she did some research and found this breed to be good. She found a “breeder” and got her new puppy.

At the time, Oregon had no laws to speak of to control animal breeding. I don’t think what we have now is sufficient.  I am not going to quote it now because I don’t have the exact numbers but will post it later. Something like you can have up to 50 intact dogs in order to be called a breeder. Anyone can be a breeder and there’s big money in it. Choose a popular adorable breed and then breed the sh*** out of her. Soon after my client bought Han, his brother was returned to the breeder. The breeder then called my client to see if she would like to add to her family. She wisely said no.

OK so, I got off track but this little guy is now 18 months old, been to several vets, and recently had his spleen removed.  The spleen weighed a pound and Han only weighed 4 pounds going into surgery. As the saying goes “you do the math”.

I’m amazed at what we do for our animals. My client works two jobs, literally early morning to late into the night so that she can pay for his vet bills.  He’s with a holistic vet and also a specialist now as he has an issue with his blood. I think it’s his red blood cell count. My client speaks English well, but is not from this country. When she gets excited or upset she tends to talk fast. I try to keep up.

I’m furious that these puppies are being allowed to be bred and sold. The topic of how much she originally paid for Han hasn’t  come up, but I know she never expected to be working this hard for a little sick dog. A dog she has come to love and adore just like one of her own kids. A dog who was sick right out of the gate.

I will continue to post updates on Han. And I will say that he is feeling much better now that his spleen has been removed. That is all the info I have on his current condition though because my client has no time to call or email me with specifics. She’s working.

My Pal Al

My dear friend Al is getting up in years. Not that he’s old – let’s say he’s led a full, fun, some-what hard-on-his-body life. Al’s head is the size of two 5 year old’s. He’s a very large dog. He takes your breath away. One because of his size and two because he’s stunning. He’s one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever known and I’m proud to say he’s one of my teachers.

One little thing that separates me from other animal communicators is that I wasn’t the little girl that loved all animals. I didn’t want a pony. I never brought home strays. No quite to the contrary. We had a dog. I acknowledged him and he loved me. I wasn’t “that kid”. I wasn’t waiting for my 18th birthday so that I could make a home large enough for all unwanted animals. And in fact, before I knew I could communicate with animals, I was scared to death of Al. I would sit in Al’s driveway, (after all with his size it is HIS driveway), and throw dog biscuits out the slit of window I had unrolled. Then I’d call Al’s mom on my cell phone to ask her to please come and escort me past Al. Now I find this quite funny. Because now he’s one of my best friends.

Not only did Al teach me that he wouldn’t hurt a fly (unless the fly was threatening me) but he also taught me a lot about animals. After we’d gotten over the fact I had been afraid of him, we began taking long walks together on the beach. Al would run along the rocks, sniffing things that dogs find cool, and I’d listen to his long monologues about, well, dogs.  He told me long and interesting stories of his past life, his soul mate, and why he wanted him here with him in this life. (that’s another story for another day) He told me why dogs do certain things that we humans find fascinating, and he taught me how to train dogs.

Later I would read a book by a woman whose information about dogs I already had learned – from Al. She also said in the book it was impossible to communicate with animals. I thought this was funny since I had learned all her information from a dog. But he’s a pretty amazing dog and a very good teacher. In fact I don’t know anyone that knows him, that doesn’t love him.

One of our favorite things to do (naturally) is to go to the beach. It’s a bigger group now. Al, me, his dad, and Al’s two brothers. Sometimes we’re joined by his mom and his “human litter mate”. We all traipse down to the beach early on weekend mornings. Rain or shine. And even though is showing visible signs of slowing, he wouldn’t miss our walks for the world. Sometimes we have to stop and turn and see how far behind he’s lagged. But mostly he stays pace with us pretty well.

I found out about and ordered this great product to help him with his sore hips. Most large dogs over the age of about 8 start to slow. But these supplements are really helping to put a spring in his step. I’m linking to their site here because I think their product is so great. They concentrate mostly on horses, dogs, and humans. But Al’s found a new way to keep up and it’s called “having these supplements with his dinner”.  They’ve really helped him a lot and I would recommend them to anybody with a dog of any size who has started to slow a bit.

We love our big guy. And we want him along for our walks for as long as he feels like coming. And I’m just guessing here, but I think that’s going to be for some time to come.

Of course I guess I could just ask him……

Update on the Story of “Han”

Do you remember Han? He is the year old puppy who has seen the inside of a vet’s office more often than he’s marked a tree. Why? Because he is sick. He was born with a severe disadvantage. I could speculate, but I don’t know for sure. Maybe the fact he came from a puppy mill had something a lot to do with it.

I don’t know how puppy mills work for sure. I do know that they over-breed the “cute ones” and finally end up with litters of puppies that aren’t healthy. That dang in-breeding. You know, you may have met someone sometime that you suspect could be the product of “in-breeding”. Well imagine you’re really adorable at birth – but have serious defects internally from making sure you’re really cute.

Anyway – little Han here almost died. First he had the journey with the well-meaning but totally inept veterinarian, who just about killed him. The vet was convinced that the puppy had cancer and his last attempt at a biopsy, nicked the Hans’ kidneys – sending him straight the the animal ER. Nice.

I suggested to my client and to ANYONE who is seeing a revolving door with their vet, to seek out the opinion of a holistic vet. I didn’t believe that Han had much time left. Seriously. Vet #1 was on the verge of killing Han with “kindness” and then blaming it on “cancer”.

So Mom of Han visited the holistic vet and as we sit here – some two weeks later – Han is not only doing well, he’s going to most likely lead a normal life. His problems were properly indentified, they had nothing to do with cancer and he looks great. The puppy with the puffy eyes is now clear eyed and well, smiling for lack of a better word.

This family has been through hell with the poor puppy. And why? Because somewhere out there in our state where it’s still legal, a “breeder” over-bred their dogs out of greed. Greed for the breed.

Make sure what you’re getting. Because you might not get the healthiest “pure-bred” out there , and you might end up caring for a very sick pup.

Or do what Hans’ brother’s humans did – return him. Wonder where he is now?


They’re Puppies! They get into things!

This is Nicholas.  He isn’t my client, but he looks a bit like him and is approximately the same age. Nick’s parents called me in a panic over the Memorial Day weekend. Their beautiful puppy had eaten  – magnets. Now my clients are the best of dog “parents”. I hate the term “owners” and they don’t much care for “parents.”  But Nick here isn’t “owned” by anyone. Nope. He’s a spirit unto himself with a mission and choices. As all animals have.

We may view our animal friends as property since we buy them food, take them to the vet, and consider they basically “dumb”. And I mean that in the kindest way. Because truth be told they are here for us and are here to teach us something, or simply be a constant companion.  I think the latter can be said for anyone who has had or loved a dog. They are simply one-of-a-kind and I wish at times other humans could hear the hilarious bits that I hear.

But I digress. The humans of your Nick here were out of town.  They had a sitter for him, but somehow (and I would think it wouldn’t take long) he got into some powerful magnets. He swallowed them. He told me later he liked the texture on his tongue and down they went! But then, something went really wrong.

When the humans of this dog returned, they noticed he was visibly ill. I’ve always credited these humans with being on top of it with their dogs and they rushed him to one of the finest vet hospitals over 40 miles away from their home. They vets performed surgery then and there and found three magnets in his tummy – and one in his colon that had found their way to each other.  This ripped through Nick’s stomach and colon. While they waited, Nick’s humans asked me to speak with Nick and get an idea of his thoughts on the situation.

He told me he had not been here long enough to teach. So he wanted to fight. He told me “the body is storng” which indicated to me that he was going to pull through.

He was supposed to be in ICU for puppies for three days. But on Day Two he was eating! He is home now and doing very well.

But the moral of the story remains: keep things that might be shiny and edible away from your puppy!! And if you think puppy is acting strange? Get him to the vet.

If these humans had not acted as quickly as they did, young Nick here would be in spirit.

* Note: Due to the stealing of my personal photos, again this isn’t the dog I am writing about, and this isn’t his real name.  Thank you to the person who posted this photo so that I could “borrow” it.

The cool truth about overly bred dogs

I have had the hardest week. I have a new client who bought a Yorkie (like this one) from a “breeder”. The “breeder” told her that this was a second litter dog between the mom and dad Yorke’s. She just had the two dogs. Yeah. right.

This little client of mine has suffered his entire life. Which is just a year. He has an “undetermined infection” which has caused his tummy great discomfort. He has had more tests done (that have shown nothing) than most dogs have in a lifetime. He has two human boys who love him and are scared to death he’s going to die.

Cool huh? They got a Yorkie!

The reason they chose going with a “breeder” and not a shelter dog is that one of the boys is allergic to pet dander. Yorkie’s don’t have this issue since they have hair and not fur. So the excited children brought home their puppy and their question to me was “Does he like us? He never wants to play.”

Wow. A dog, no a puppy that doesn’t want to play! Imagine. Well this little guy told me that he loves his human brothers but that his tummy hurts him. All the time. So he acts like an old dog. He lies around most of the day and feels like crap.

The “breeder” called my client 6 months later to see if she wanted another puppy. My client (who is not originally from this country but is by no means stupid) said she understood it was too soon for there to be more puppies. And the “breeder” said there had been an accident.

Yeah right.

My client here “Han” as he is called, is living a life of misery. And his “breeders” brought more puppies into the world much sooner than they were supposed to. They thought that Han”s mom would jump at the chance to have another puppy.

Yeah right.

The truth is that every day thousands of dogs are put to death in shelters around this country. Thousands of innocent sweet faces gone. Many potential best friends sent to spirit. The dog doesn’t really care. They’ll come back in a more attractive “package” so that some human will fall in love and learn the lessons that this dog has to offer.

And Han here? Well he’s been introduced to a holistic vet. And just in the nick of time. I think his life will improve and he’ll become the puppy his human kids wanted in the first place. But if his mom wasn’t determined, smart, an even fighting a language issue – Hans here would be gone too. She is very brave and very strong. The mom of my client.

So if you MUST adopt a bred dog. Be real sure what you’re getting. And if you have a choice, check out your local shelter first. There will be someone there to fall in love with. Remember to spay and neuter your own animals. That’s a start.

The storm will pass

   This week I watched as some new friends made the transition to spirit.  And when I say friends, I mean of course,  animals.  I learned something with each of their crossings.  I am reminded of my own loss too. It’s simply unbearably hard to lose an animal friend. At first. And then the storm will lift. This photo is Chubbs the kitty, I’ll talk about him in a moment.

   I met a really wonderful dog named Gladous.  Her name is like  “joyous” only “Gladous” – as in happy and free. Gladous got into something tough on her digestive system. It wasn’t evil.  She was being a dog. She was having fun with her sisters and even now I can see her glee at her find. Gladous taught me many things this week. She is one I’ll never forget.

  The first few days, her mom, (who is my close friend) and I thought that this would quickly pass. Gladous simply needed some time, a good poop and all would be well. But sadly it didn’t work out that way. The vet did everything she could. Her mom did all she could too. Used every trick in her bottomless bag. But when the body is done, there’s nothing we humans can do. 

  In just a few short days, this sweet sweet soul tried the best she could but couldn’t defeat the storm that raged inside her. What was truly going on we may never know. But the suddeness and the helplessness that I felt from this event, made me want to shout and remind everyone to hug and love their animals every day. For who they are and for what they bring to us: joy.   Sometimes we humans try and make it more complicated than it is. But this message is really quite simple.  

   Gladous showed me a raging storm, shortly before she crossed over. Thunder, lighning. The works. I worked on the “meaning” of this image over and over.  But as it turned out, there literally was a storm raging her body as she flew to her spirit self.  No huge complicated message. She truly had a storm raging inside of her that was winning. And so she did what we all eventually do. She left her body.

   The photo here is of another little friend who went to spirit this week. His name is Chubbs. There’s something about this little guy that really touched my heart. But his little body gave out as well, leaving a temporary hole in the hearts of his mom and dad.  He was at peace as he left to be with the spirit friends awaiting his arrival.

  I know that for some what I’ve written here is hard to believe and understand. Did I make it up? No. I’ve seen many cross to the other side and know what I see and feel from these animals is real.  Their humans have validated this for me. And if there’s anything I can say to the humans who are sad and left behind it would be this: trust what you believe, and have faith that you’re right. Because when we suffer a loss we’re tempted to throw away what we’ve worked so hard to understand in our hearts.  We’re tempted to run, hide under the covers and, wait for the storm to pass.  And it will. It always does.

  This storm will pass and we’ll be left with the wonderful memories and joy that these animals brought to our lives.  If there’s a message it’s that we must not dwell on the ending, but celebrate all the days and years we had these little spirits (in dog and cat forms) in our lives.  Because if we leave our hearts open, we’ll receive another little animal spirit into our lives that will help to fill the void.  It’s not a replacement because they can’t be replaced.  Animals are simply the joy that we all need in our lives.

Girlfriends for “Bo-Bama”

Meet Molly, Chelsea, and Ellie. These are three of my dearest friends and before yesterday, few had heard of their breed.  Now thanks to Bo the First Dog, we have all heard of Portuguese Water Dogs. They’re my neighbors and three of the funniest dogs I know.

When they first moved to our little town, Ellie, (also known as “the brown one”) was the first to recognize me. As I drove past her she said to me  ” I know you, you live on our street”. Or something to that effect. More direct and more in “dog” wording.

Molly (on the left) is the Queen. Most refer to this as “alpha” but she knows she’s the Queen and she loves her title. She is the leader of this pack and likes to ride in my car.  As opposed the car her humans drive, she can see out and is very polite and sweet when we go for a drive. If I need to run into a place that won’t allow dogs, she quietly sleeps on the seat and then pops up when the car begins moving again.

Little Chelsea (the one in the middle)  and I have a great friendship. She speaks in a slow and deliberate voice. She has become more animated as she’s grown up and loves cats. I feel badly for her because she would really enjoy playing with one of my cats. Sadly the feeling isn’t mutual.

The truth is Portuguese Water Dogs are simply delightful and the Obama girls are going to have a great time with their sweet pup Bo. I’m sure the girls here would show him the ropes of living life on land.  There are walks to enjoy, places to explore, treats from the neighbors, (all three have escaped and lined up on our lawn for a goody) and quite simply life to be enjoyed.

I too am a huge proponent of shelter dogs. I have friends that met their humans for the first time in a shelter. But this breed hasn’t been over-bred. They are sweet dogs, very cute, and a lot of fun. All dogs need good homes and all dogs are here for us. It will be fun to watch which one of the Obama’s Bo is here for. Because all animals have a destination human. They land in our lives for a reason. And it’s up to us to recognize what that is.

Hopefully Bo will shed some light on dogs in general. Hopefully not everyone will have to keep up with the Jones’ and get a Portuguese Water Dog. Hopefully those who have really wanted a dog and can care for it properly will find their new friend wherever he’s waiting for them. Whether it’s a breeder or a shelter.  Hopefully our shelters will see some action as the first puppy takes over the White House. And, no doubt, he will.